Don’t worry about Sihr, here is the treatment

Sihr is also known as a black magic, and it was mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah.

What is the meaning of the black magic?

It is the making of something that will appear in the form that is different from its real one. The one who does this is called a magician or a sorcerer. This person does this bad thing to distort the reality of things. Sihr or black magic is always done with malicious intentions. Some can define Sihr as: that the cause of which is hidden, and the appearance of anything in a form other than its real one. Everyone has to know that Sihr is considered against the laws of Islam. It is the combination between the effects of evil spirits, and the reaction of the soul to give the desired force. Bad people with their malicious intentions tend to do this by closing to Shyateen in order to do something that humans are not able to do. No doubt that the soul of a magician is wicked as the soul of Shyateen. Ibn Qudama Al-maqdisi (RA), said that “Sihr is a set of knots, and words that may be written or uttered to harm someone in his body, heart, or mind without contacting that person. Sihr is very dangerous as it may kill, sicken, or thwart the intercourse of a man with his wife, not all types can do this, but some of them can do. There is a kind of black magic that can make spouses hate or love each other.

How can you know if this person is a magician?

1. If he asks about your name, and your mother’s name. 2. May or not ask about the blood, or the slaughter of an animal. 3. Ask the person to take specific food or specific drink in a darkened place away from people for a specific time. 4. Uttering words that can’t be understood by people, in a language other than Arabic. Is it easy to know if any person has Sihr or not? It has signs and symptoms that may appear or not on people. The severity of appearance of these signs and symptoms depend on your closeness to Allah. Its signs are similar to the signs of evil eye and possession by a Jinn, and the only helpful way that can differentiate between them is Ruqya.

Effects of Sihr on people:

Black magic not only harms the affected person but also makes him lose his confidence, as people around him accuse him that this is just an imagination, not a fact, and there is nothing to worry.

What is the punishment for Sihr practice?

Every Magician has to know that the punishment of practicing Sihr is the death sentence.
It is important to know that it is not treated with Sihr, which means that evil can’t be treated with evil. The proper treatment of Sihr is done with recitation of the Quran, especially Surah Fatiha that must be repeated several times on the affected person. Treatment must be done by trusted persons who know God’s power. See More : Have you heard about Evil eye jealousy?

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