Quran Reading Course

Learn the basics of Quran reading in Arabic and Noorani Qaida online for kids and adults. This course is intended to teach and improve the Quran reading capabilities of the students. After the completion of this course, the students develop the skill of reading Quran on their own with minimal supervision.

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Quran Recitation with Tajweed Course

This course is a golden opportunity for all Muslims around the world. Quran recitation with Tajweed course is designed to teach Tajweed rules from a theoretical and practical perspective. In Rattil online academy, you will study under the supervision of senior professors and jurists. They will be with you step by step till you learn all of the rules.

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Quran Memorization Course

In our Quran memorization course, you or your kids will be able to complete memorizing the Holy Quran in a very short time. At the end of the course, you will also find that you have memorized the Quran with precision and perfection, and without any errors. Learning will be under the supervision of senior professors who will make it easier for the students.

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Quran Ijazah Course

We offer online Ijazah course for interested students to learn and get certified by qualified tutors and high Sanad Sheikhs. We are offering Ijazah in memorization and recitation with Tajweed with certificates. The online Ijazah course of for all ages starting from the age of 9 to 60.

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Arabic Language Course

The Arabic language is the primary key for reading, memorizing and understanding the noble Qur’an, Islamic sciences and Islamic studies. Therefore, every Muslim should learn the Arabic language. This course takes you or your kids from not being able to recognize the letters of the alphabet to advanced levels that study selected topics in grammar and literature.

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Islamic Studies

It is essential for every Muslim to know the basics of their religion. They must know the dos and don’ts of the religion to ensure that they are walking on the right track. This course helps the students to understand foundation of the religion. Along with that, they can also ask the instructors to craft a course. The teacher will design the course according to the prior knowledge of students.

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about Rattil Online Academy

Rattilonline.com is the best learning Quran Academy on the Internet, founded by a team of Muslim scholars who are native and have long-experience teaching Quran, Arabic, and Islam online to kids & adults. We make the learning the Holy Quran easy with qualified teachers from Arab countries.

We are committed to providing quality education through our online Quran learning journey. Many people live somewhere in the world where they do not have time to go to an actual Islamic place and learn to read the Holy Quran. Likewise, most of the people who live in Western countries do not have time to take physical lessons or go to a nearby Islamic institute.

Here at the leading online Rattilonline.com website, we have arranged different Islamic teaching and learning courses for Quran, and students learn the Holy Quran through online Quran learning lessons.

Our best online Quranic courses are for people of all ages. From children to adults, everyone can understand and learn without difficulty during the entire learning process.







What Our Students Say About Us?

For the first time, I am experimenting with online education at home.
In fact, it was an exciting and distinct experience that saved me a lot of time and also helped me to use my free time in useful things.



What I like about “Rattil Online Academy” is that they always follow the duties and performance of their teachers and communicate to take feedback continuously



I love “Rattil Online Academy” because I love studying with my teacher, who teaches us the noble Qur’an My little brother and I He plays us sweet, always smiling, and makes us smile



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