Have you heard about Dua of Musa before? 

  The Messengers are humans but chosen by Allah (SWT). Musa is one of these Messengers who was sent to Pharaoh and his people. He is the most frequently mentioned messenger in the Quran. Musa (as) one day asked Allah Dua, called Dua of Musa. What is Dua of Musa? When Musa (AS) asked Allah (SWT) to show himself to him, Allah described this in the Quran as a miracle. He said Oh Allah! Show me yourself to look at you!Allah said “you will not see me but look at the mountain, if it stays as it is you will see me, Allah appeared to the mountain and Allah rendered its level, so Musa fell unconscious. After he woke up, he said Dua of Musa: ُمْؤِمِن َ ین” ْ َّولُ ال َ َنا أ َ ْی َك َ وأ لَ ِ ْب ُت إ ُ”سْب َح َان َك تُ What about the golden calf? After Musa (AS) said Dua of Musa, he heard that samiri incite the children of Israel to make a golden calf to take it as their God. They are Musa’s (as) people, and they committed a great sin, so he became very angry at his people. When Musa (as) returned back to his people, he blamed his brother Aaron, who asked him not to place him among the wrongdoing people. And here is another Dua of Musa (as): ْر َحُم َّ الر ِ احِم َ ین َ َ نت أ َ َن ِ ا ف َي ر ْحَمِت َكۖ َ وأ ْ ْدِخل َ ِخ َي وأ ب ْ اغِف ْر لِ َي وِلأَ ِّ قَ َ ال َ ر “[Musa] said, ‘My Lord, forgive me and my brother and admit us into Your mercy, for You are the most merciful of the merciful”. It is important to say that the most powerful Dua of Musa (as) is: ِق ٌ یر فَ َّي ِ مْن َ خْیرٍ لَ ِ َت إ ْ َنزل َ ِّي لَِما أ ن ِ ب إ َ*ر ِّ This supplication was said by him when he received orders to go to Firawn. Musa (as) was very tired, and hungry at that time, so he said this Dua of Musa (as). “Rabbi Innee Limaa anzalta ilayya min khairin faqeer” Allah (SWT) at the same time of supplication blessed him to live for the next 10 years. And this is the power of Allah. We have to realize that Allah will never let you alone if you become close to him, never. Also Dua of Musa (as) ِق ٌ یر* فَ َّي ِ مْن َ خْیرٍ لَ ِ َت إ ْ َنزل َ ِّي لَِما أ ن ِ ب إ ِّ *َر Is a great supplication, and it means that Oh Allah! I Am in desperate need of the good that you sent down to me. If you need every good thing from Allah, don’t know what to say, or not sure what is the best for you, you have to repeat Dua of Musa (sa). Dua of Musa for Rizq: ِق ٌ یر* فَ َّي ِ مْن َ خْیرٍ لَ ِ َت إ ْ َنزل َ ِّي لَِما أ ن ِ ب إ ِ*َ It is also a Dua for Rizq and sustenance. This means that this Dua is a powerful one that should be said in most situations. My advice to you is to memorize and repeat this Dua to get its benefit. It seems to be a short Dua, but in fact it means alot. May Allah guide all people…. Ameen!

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