What Muslim should know aboutTafseer Quran

  The holy Quran is our guidance book that was sent from Allah to the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It contains 114 Surah, some revealed in Mecca and others in Madinah. Our duty _as Muslims_ towards this great book is to know Tafseer Quran. What is meant by Tafseer Quran? It is to know the meaning of its verses, and to explain when and why each verse was revealed. We have to realize that all books before the Quran have been altered, but Allah saved this book from alteration since the day of its revelation. The holy Quran was pure and will remain pure till the day of judgement, and this is the miracle of the Quran. This miracle must be learned, and teached for all Muslims around the World. Not only males have to know Tafseer Quran, but also females. Tafseer Quran makes it easy for Muslims to know everything about Allah, his Messengers, his books, and all islamic rules that must be followed by all muslims. One of the benefits of learning Tafseer Quran is that it will illuminate your heart. You will sense the difference between reading the Quran before and after knowing the meaning of its verses. After it you will never stop reading it. To make it easy for you to learn Tafseer Quran, you have to learn Arabic language. Don’t worry if you can’t do this now, or if you think it may be difficult, as there are many translations for tafseer Quran. These translations will help Muslims all over the World to learn more and more about Allah, and Islam. What is the benefit of learning Tafseer Quran? This study has a great benefit as it will help you to know the external meaning of the Quran to: 1. Solve any complexes facing you while you are studying. 2. To the answer of any question related to Islam and Quran. 3. Revelation details. Types of Tafseer: There are 2 broad categories of Tafseer: 1.opinion based Tafseer: 2.Narration based Tafseer: (known as Tafseer bi’l_Ma’thoor) that is divided into 4 ways: A.Tafseer Quran by means of the Quran itself. B.By Sunnah. C.By the statement of Sahabi. D.From Tabi’un if they agreed and had consensus. How to learn Tafseer online: To know Quran Tafseeryou have to learn it under the supervision of trusted Sheikhs and scientists. There are also online academies that will be useful in this learning. One of these important academies is Rattilonline academy, which is known as a community for all Muslims. Rattilonline academy offers specialist education for any Muslim to know the truth about Islam. It is a great chance for students who study relative religions in their universities. This helps you to realize the meaning of Allah, and understanding his commands. Reciting the Quran has a great reward, also Tafseer Quran has its great reward. Don’t let this chance go away from your hands, do your best to get its reward and to know all about Allah. Wish Allah help us to do so.

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