What you have to know about Arabic letters

those letters that form the Arabic language and they are 28 letters. The Arabic language is the language of the Holy Quran, and our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW). To make it easy for you to read the Quran, Hadith, and memorize them, it is better for you to learn Arabic. if you want to memorize not only read the Quran and Hadith, so your first step to start your journey is learning this letters. Foreigners who don’t know more Arabic language and Arabic letters think that learning it is very difficult. Some imagine the difficulty comes from their number, the the same word should be written by different forms according to its location in the word, and the writing from right to left. But it is important to tell you that Arabic letters are actually easier to learn than you might think.

How can Arabic letters be written?

They don’t use upper or lowercase letters, so it is different from Latin one. Arabic letters will differ according to its location in the word.

The letter has 4 locations in the word:

1. At the start of the word. 2. In the middle of the word. 3. At the end of the word. 4. It may be isolated from other letters. Writing with Arabic letters meaning the connection between them to give a specific meaning. That will appear difficult for you, but when you get the hang of it, you will find it very easy. Here in Rattilonline academy, you will find how it is easy. Rattilonline academy is a community center for all Muslims.It is important to say that, to be professional you have to repeat and try to build a strong language foundation.

Arabic letters for kids:

The second language for the Arabs is English, and also the second one in the West is Arabic after English learning. To make learning Arabic easy for kids, it is better to make the learning process fun and enjoyable.
How to teach children Arabic letters?
There are many different ways to help them to learn Arabic letters. 1. Learning by Montessori cards: By naming the letters and asking the kids to match similar cards. 2. Learning by playdough: You can teach your kids by moulding this playdough on the shape of the letter that is on the card. 3. By using puzzles. It is a beneficial way that helps in learning Arabic. 4. Online courses: There are some online academies which can help you in your teaching journey. Rattilonline academy between your hands will teach, guide, and make everything easier. 5. painting: You may think painting is not a beneficial way for learning, but the latest studies showed that painting is the most an effective way in teaching children. 6. Youtube videos: Kids prefer watching these videos, especially if they contain kids. Learning Arabic is very important and it is your way to learn more and more about Islam so, don’t stop learning it!

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