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The holy Quran is our guidance book that was sent from Allah to the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). So this great book that was sent from our God should not be ignored by Muslims. We have to know that “house of Quran” was created for the needs of every day Muslims. House of Quran is an application that will be with you all the time to help you to memorize the Quran perfectly. One of its advantages is the availability for all people, whether they are workers, students, housewives, or any other job you do. House of Quran is considered a social motivation for the

Quran memorization.

Not only will it help you to memorize the Quran fast and easily, but also it will save your time.

What are the advantages of house of Quran?

● It helps muslims in Tajweed and reading of the Quran through word by word Quran recitation. ● This application would be like your teacher at home and wherever you go. ● House of Quran has the ability to teach you and correct your reading with your sheikh. ● Clicking on any Ayah of the Quran helps you to hear this Ayah recitation. ● House of Quran makes it easy for you to repeat any word or any verse you need to hear, only by clicking on this word or verse. Not only does this, but also gives a chance to select the number of repetition. ● You can put pauses between verses. ● One of its most important advantages is that you can find the translation of the Quran in English and many other languages.  

How did this great idea come?

This idea came from brothers in the US, these brothers wanted to help Muslims all over the world by providing a free service. They wanted to make the process of learning and understanding the Quran more easy and efficient. For the service to be the best, they gave an option for house of Quran users to contact them when you find any problems, any suggestions for improvement, or any error. We can’t give the house of Quran its right, as it is a very good and a very beneficial service serving Muslims all over the world. We can say that this app on your phone, helps you to recite the Quran, and learn it every day by taking a very small amount of your time.

Learn al Quran:

Learning the Quran has many benefits and rewards. One of the most important benefits is Barakh in your time. Allah promised us rewards if we recite or learn the Quran. When you learn the Quran, you will feel that Allah is near to you, and his mercy surrounds you. House of Quran is your way to learn and recite the Quran fast and easily. To learn the Quran or to do any good thing you have to put your intentions to get your rewards from Allah. Learning the Quran is your chance to come near to Allah. Don’t give up learning it…   See More : surah mulk benefits

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