How to memorize Quran fast and easily

  The holy Quran is our beloved book that was sent from Allah to our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW). We all have to know how to memorize Quran fast and easily. The Quran contains all that we have to know about our religion (Islam), messengers, and also the solution for all situations that every Muslim can face in his life. It must be recited as much as possible to get the reward of

Quran recitation.

Recitation of the Quran has a great reward, while the Quran memorization has more and more rewards and benefits. Here we will learn how to memorize Quran fast and easily. Memorization of the Quran is a dream of every Muslim, but most of them don’t have time for Quran memorization. There are 8 tips that will help you how to

memorize Quran fast and easily:

1. Wake up in the early morning:

To get the best time for the Quran memorization, you have to wake up early at Fajr time. Pray Fajr prayer, then start to memorize it. Making some time for the Quran memorization not only brings Barakah to your time, but also it saves your time away from wasting. Memorization will not take much time, it is just a few minutes if you continue.

2. Memorize less than you think you can do:

It is better for you to be realistic and put a reasonable plan for you to help you to continue not to give up. For example, it is better for you to start with 3 or 5 lines a day, not to start with 2 or 3 pages that will be too much for you as a beginner. This tip is the most helpful one that will encourage you and help you not to give up. To start with 20 minutes a day is enough for you as a beginner.

3. Recite the part that you memorized in every prayer:

Repeating the memorized Ayahs in your 5 daily prayers help you to memorize the Quran perfectly. You can repeat the verses of the same day or of the previous day.

4. Repeat what you have memorized at any spare time:

Everyone has his own duties, but in all cases, there must be spare time when you wait for your bus, wait in a clinic for your doctor, or any spare time you might have all day. At these spare times, it is your chance to review your memorized verses.
5. There is a familiar technique:
When you start to memorize the Quran, you will find some difficult verses which you can’t remember at all. The best solution for you in this situation is to write the difficult verses in a paper and learn them by heart. Repeat them over and over again.
6. Track the goals:
One of the best ways that will help you how to memorize Quran fast and easily is to track your goals and to link the verses that have the same meaning together. 7.choose a suitable environment: For your mind to be clear, you have to choose a suitable environment. This will help in fast and easy memorization.
8. Review what you have memorized all over the weak in
a single day. These are some important tips that can help you in how to memorize Quran fast and easily.

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