What Muslims have to know about Istikhara

Asking Allah for our demands is what every Muslim should do. Allah our God gives us what we need and more than we ask. If we need something and don’t know whether it is bad or good for us, we immediately pray Istikhara. If anyone is making a decision, he should ask the guidance of Allah. Allah only knows what is beneficial and what is harm for us. As human nature, we think that good thing are beneficial, and bad things are good. When you feel that you are unsure about making a specific decision, it is time to ask for Allah’s help and pray for Istikhara. Allah helps you in everything you can imagine, everything you need to know, and for this reason, don’t be ashamed of any request you ask Allah for. You can ask him: Is she suitable for me to marry or not? Buying the car, joining a school, starting a new project, or any other demand you need from Allah. First of all, we have to know that Istikhara prayer is not a miracle, and when you finish praying, you will find the answer immediately.

How can you perform Istikhara prayer?

We have to know that this prayer is considered a great gift from Allah as it makes everything easy for you, and from this prayer you can sense that Allah is near to you, can help you, and will not leave you alone. Allah only knows what is beneficial and what is harm for you, as he created all humans. On the way to know how you can pray Istikhara, you have to know that it is only 2 cycles (or 2 raka’), as Fajr prayer. The difference between it and Fajr is in the Surahs that should be recited after reciting al-Fatiha. In the first cycle, one should recite Surah al-Kafirun after reciting Surah al-Fatiha. In the second cycle, one should recite Surah al Ikhlas. After finishing, say the Dua’ of Istikhara.

Dua’ al Istikhara:

Oh, Allah! I seek goodness from your knowledge, power, and strength, as you have the power that i don’t have, the strength I don’t have, and also you know everything that i don’t know. Oh, Allah! If you know this action….(and say the action that you intend to do)… is better for me, my religion, faith, life, and death, make it easy for me to do, and add Barakah in it. Oh, Allah! From your knowledge, if this action is bad for me, my religion, faith, life, and death, please turn it away from me, and turn me away from it, and whatever you know is better for me, destine it for me and make me satisfied with it.
Istikhara signs:
If the action is good for you, you will find that you are happy, and tend to do that action. Unlike the unaccepted action, when you will find that this action no longer concerns you. If you received no sign from Allah, it is better to repeat it again.

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