7 golden benefits for Quran recitation online

  The holy Quran is our guidance book that was sent from Allah to his believers by his last messenger prophet Muhammad (SAW). This great book is considered a gift from Allah, and for this the reason we have to recite it and find out ways for Quran recitation and also for Quran recitation online. The holy Quran is a revelation from God, therefore Muslims believe in it and follow its orders. Quran recitation online makes it easy for you to recite it easily with trusted sheikhs who perfect all Quran rules, and Tajweed. Also, Quran recitation online helps you to do so at your home, where you are relaxed with your family, and without transportation problems. This is a golden opportunity for everyone who wants to save both time and money. There are many online academies that will help you in Quran recitation online such as Rattileonline academy. This online academy will stay with you step by step in your journey in Quran recitation online.

More about Recitation of the Quran:

Allah promised his believers to reward them for every letter they say when reciting the Quran. The holy Quran contains 114 Surahs and 30 parts, every Surah of them has many Ayahs with many letters. We all have to grab this great opportunity to get this reward. If you are good at reciting the Quran, you can do it yourself without need for courses or online academies. But if you are not good at doing this, the best solution for Quran recitation online is to join Rattileonline academy.

Quran in Arabic:

The holy Quran revealed to the prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Arabic language as it is a message from Allah to humanity. We can say that the language of the original message is Arabic, but to be easier for other people, it has been translated to many other languages around the world. Quran is the last message from Allah that revealed on the last messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The reward of Quran recitation online:

1. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “The one who doesnot recite the Quran is considered as abandoned house”. (Tirmidhi). 2. Reciting the Quran is barakah in your life and also after death. 3. Reciting the Quran is the best thing that can be done in our life. 4. Every letter in the Quran has the reward of ten letters. 5. People who recite the Quran are God’s people. 6. Reciting the Quran also averts the reciter from evil eyes and any evil that can harm him. 7. One of the most important benefits of reciting the Quran is that it will be your intercession on the day of reward. So, it’s time to start Quran recitation online and to join rattileonline academy to get its benefits. Rattileonline academy is your golden opportunity to start your journey, to know more about Islam, Allah, and the holy Quran. Wish Allah help us to recite the Quran and get all of these rewards and benefits to enter paradise. See More: How can you Understand Quran better?

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