When to say MashaAllah andTabarakAllah?

Islam is the biggest grace in our life. TabarakAllah, some people were born Muslims, and others did their best to become Muslims. One of its graces is being rewarded for any good word you can say. One of these good words is to say TabarakAllah. This is a very wonderful sentence Muslim could say. It seems to be a word with little meanings, but in fact it has many of them.

TabarakAllah in Arabic meaning:

This is an Islamic term, and a common expression used by Muslims every day. This means that the blessed is Allah. This word is considered Dhikr, and Allah will reward this. When to say TabarakAllah: This should be said when you are afraid of an evil eye. If you see something that interests you, you should say this phrase.

For example:

When you see a beautiful child, beautiful car, intelligent boy, you have to make Duaa for Allah to bless him. It’s not only averting the evil eye, but also when you repeat it you mention the name of Allah, so you will be rewarded for this. Mentioning Allah having a great reward as Allah promised us. So, if you want to make someone rest, you should say TabarakAllah. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advised us to keep saying it when we see anything amazing. When Muslim should say MashaAllah? That was about TabarakAllah, but MashAllah should be said if you like your properties. As Allah (SWT) said:

“وَلَوْلَا إِذْ دَخَلْتَ جَنَّتَكَ قُلْتَ مَا شَاءَ اللَّهُ لَا قُوَّةَ إِلَّا بِاللَّهِ” .Kahf Surahَ

Some people misunderstood this verse, and the truth is that, this verse was a debate between a Muslim and a Kafir, and it wasn’t a parrticular Duaa for people to use it against the evil eye. There is an evidence for this, which is that neither the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) nor the companions used this expression (MashaAllah) to ward off the evil eye.

TabarakAllah response:

when Muslim says to you TabarakAllah, you have to respond with a beautiful word like this. The best response for this word is “JazakAllah khair” (which means i wish that Allah will reward you with good). There is also another response that may help you to respond, this is “BarakAllah feek” (that means may Allah bless you). These two responses may help you but in fact they are not the only responses. No religion other than Islam can teach this beautiful ethics for its believers. For this simple reason and for many other reasons we respect Islam and we thank Allah for our religion Islam. Is there any religion that urges its believers to save their tongue and to punish who hurts people?! Islam does! Our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) said “A Muslim is he from whose hand, and tongue the Muslims are safe”. Muslim. The best advice here is to keep saying TabarakAllah to mention Allah in order to get his reward, and also to ward off the evil eye. See More : quran surah See More: Our courses  Our Article: Blog

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