Have you heard about Evil eye jealousy?

Have you heard about Evil eye jealousy before?

If you have heard about it, do you know what it means?

Here we are about to know all that we should know about Evil eye jealousy. Evil eye jealousy is the jealousy or envy of someone towards any person. Evil eye has a harmful effect on the people, as it may cause any disease such as lack of money, and even death. If there is a person with fortune, beauty, good health, or any other Grace from Allah, he will be prone to be attacked by evil eyes at any time. Evil eye jealousy is a bad sign of people and their intentions.

Is the Evil eye mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah?

Of course, It is mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah, and our prophet Muhammad (SAW) has warned us against envy. Our prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Two will be in the fire, hateful person and envy person.” Evil eye jealousy is a malignant characteristic one can be described with. Some people try to encounter the Ain “evil eye”, but they will harm themselves, so the best solution is to protect themselves from envy in order not to get hurted. When you protect yourself from envious people, this will make these people feel the same negativity they tried to push to othe r people. What are the different types of Evil eye? Evil eye jealousy has many types that can harm the

affected people, these types are:

1. Ayn: it is a look from people who don’t wish evil for you and for your life. 2. Hasad: it is an evil eye from some person who hates you, and wants every good thing with you to be removed. 3. Nafs: when a person admires himself. 4. Nathra: it is defined as the look of Jinn to someone with an evil eye. Evil eye symptoms: The afflicted person with an evil eye may have some symptoms. These symptoms may appear or may not. Unfortunately, these symptoms if present can not be treated by doctors.

The symptoms of evil eye are:

Some envied persons are pale, depressed and angry without any reason. The envied persons also feel their shoulders and heads heavy and can’t be easily moved. The affected persons tends to be alone It is important to say that, if we encounter any kind of difficulties in our life, we have to ask Allah only to remove it, and also we have to become near to Allah. As believers, we have not to be paranoid About evil eye jealousy, this panic will make you away from Allah and this is a bad sign for you as a Muslim. How to protect yourself from an Evil eye? Avoiding envy is an important and first step in protecting yourself. Roquia is the most important step that protects you from any bad things not only from Evil eye jealousy. Also Adhkar has a very good benefit in this protection. You have to be near to Allah. Wish Allah protect you from any bad thing! Ameen…..

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