Have you heard before about the names of Allah?

Everything Allah said about ar Rahman meaning 
Allah has 99 names, that is better for every Muslim to memorize them. Our God Allah has described himself with many attributes. Here will know more and more about Allah, and Ar Rahman meaning. If you recite any Surah of the Holy Quran, you will start  with Bismillah ar Rahman ar Rahim, which is called Basmala. Ar Rahman, can only describe Allah, none other than Allah. On the learning of ar Rahman meaning we have to know that Allah has specialized himself with 2 specific names. These 2 names are ar Rahman, and Allah. Allah asked us in Surah al Isra’ to call him Allah or ar Rahman, they are the most excellent names, and the most preferred names to him. Knowing Ar Rahman meaning is a very important step that can help you to know more about Allah. It is noted that the names of ar Rahman, and ar Rahim are derived from “Rahma”, this is an Arabic word, and its meaning in English is “Mercy”. Allah is merciful “Rahman” to us in all situations of our life. Ibn al Qayyim has explained ar Rahman meaning and the difference between the 2 names of Allah aRahman, and ar Rahim. He said that: ar Rahman is the attribute of Allah’s Mercy, and ar Rahim is his Mercy to his believers. If any Muslim try to know about Allah and about ar Rahman meaning, he will find out that this simpleword has great meanings.

Some of the meanings of ar Rahman are:

1. It describes the gentleness and kindness of Allah. 2. His love and Mercy. 3. This also shows Allah’s goodness. What isSurah ar Rahman: The Holy Quran contains 114 Surah, one of them is named ar Rahman as the name of Allah. This is a great Surah and from this Surah we can note a number of bounties of God being alluded to. At the start of this Surah we note that Allah has blessed his creation, and taught them the Quran by his Mercy. The Quran as a whole with its Surahs is great, but Surah ar Rahman is the greatest Surah of them as it bears the name of Allah and some of his blessings. Surah ar Rahman taught us ar Rahman meaning through its verses. This Surah has a great position, so try to keep reciting it to get its great rewards. Rahim meaning: We knew ar Rahman meaning, and we here are about to know ar Rahim meaning. First we have to know that Both names are the names of Allah, and both of them are recited in Basmala. Ar Rahim means merciful, and this also a great name like ar Rahman as they are the names of Allah. Allah has chosen these 2 names (ar Rahman, and ar Rahim) to be recited in every Basmala before reciting any Surah. Wish Mercy from our God, and wish to be Allah’s righteous servants! Ameen….

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