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What is “Quran definition”? And what does it contain?

What do you know about Quran definition?

The Holy Quran is a book that contains all about Islam and Muslims.It is our guidance book. In “Quran definition” we have to know and realize that, this book can’t be fully and perfectly described by all words. Quran is the word of God, it has 114 Surah, the first one is Surah Fatiha. The Holy Quran is the only book saved by Allah from Misrepresentation, as he promised his believers to save it, and it is one of the miracles. This great book guides us towards the straight path, this path that Allah has drawn to us. We can’t give Quran definition its right, but we have to say that Quran contains what you have to know about Allah, his Messengers, or all about Islam. We all believe in Allah, his book “The Quran”, his Messengers, and also believe in the day of judgment. Quran as a word means “recitation”, these words of the Quran were revealed by Jibril (an angle) orally, to our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) in his language (Arabic language). To recite the Quran you must know that it has rules to be followed, these rules are summarized in Tajweed. Khushoo is the first and the most important condition to recite the Quran. To apply Khushoo your heart must be aware, andhumble before Allah. After death of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the oral Quran was written into a book, that contained 114 Surahs. Each Surah of these 114 Surah contains many verses (Ayaat). To give Quran definition a portion of his right, you have to know that it contains everything you would like to know about Islam, the stories of Allah’s Messengers before Muhammad (SAW) (As he is the last messenger), legal issues, poor, orphans, sick, disobedienct to parents, and all what should be known about the Islamic religion. We knew about “Quran definition”, that is few of many.

What about Quran translation?

The original language of the Holy Quran is Arabic. To be available for all Muslims around the World, there aremany translations. Unfortunately, these translations has many disadvantages, One of them is that, Muslims don’t consider this translation the Quran itself, as they don’t feel Khushoo when they recite it in their language, unlike its original one (Arabic language). Also the translations of the Quran don’t give the same meaning as the original text. So, it is better for any foreign Muslim to try learning Arabic to get the whole meaning of it. Sunnah definition: Not only the Quran contain the Islamic rules, and legal matters, but also Sunnah contains these rules and completes them. Sunnah means Hadith which means “the recorded sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Sunnah is the most important source of Islamic law. Now we get some information on Quran definition and Sunnah definition, which is considered the Islamic laws. I wish Allah help us to know more and more Allah, Quran, and Islam! Ameen…
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