All should be known about Types of prayer

  If you are a Muslim, of course, you know types of prayer. Islam is the right religion, and the only religion that will be considered by Allah in the day of judgment. From the Mercy of God, Allah likes the communication between him and his believers. one kind of communication is prayer, so it is important to know types of prayer to communicate with Allah and to be close to him. We are here to know the types of prayer in Islam. They are 4 types of prayer every Muslim have to know  1.Fard prayers: Every Muslim know and do this type of prayer every day and 5 times a day. Fard prayers, it means prayers that is obligatory for every Muslim to do, and if he ignores them, he will be punished by Allah. It means that it is forbidden to leave any Fard prayer. These 5 Fard prayers are: a. Fajr prayer: which is 2 Rak’at. b. Dhuhr prayer: which is 4 Rak’at. c. Asr prayer: which is 4 Rak’at. d. Maghrib prayer: which is 3 Rak’at. e. Isha prayer: which is 4 Rak’at. As we knew before, it is forbidden in Islam to leave any Fard prayer intentionally, and if they are forgotten by mistake, you have to pray these missed prayers. These missed prayers must be prayed as soon as possible. 2. Wajib prayers: Wajib is an Arabic word which means “necessary”, So these prayers are necessary to be done. But what is the difference between these prayers and Fard prayers? Wajib prayers if they are missed _by mistake or due to forgetfulness or any other circumstance_, you don’t have to offer them as in Fard prayers. It is also important to say that if these Wajib prayers are missed intentionally, it is considered a sin and Allah will punish for it. What are these Wajib prayers? a. The 3 Rak’at of Vitr. b. The 2 Rak’at of Eid al_Fitr, and the other 2 Rak’at for Eid al_Adha. c. The 2 that are done while performing Tawaf al_Ka’ba. 3. Prayers of Sunnah: This is another type of types of prayer that are mentioned in Islam. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) offered more prayers other than Fard prayers, and these prayers are named Sunnat prayers. These prayers are not obligatory to be done, but most Jurists consider them to be very important.

These prayers are:

a. 2 Rak’at before Fajr prayer. b. 4 Rak’at before Dhuhr prayer, and 2 after it. c. 2 Rak’at after Maghrib prayer. d. 2 Rak’at of Sunnah prayer after Isha prayer.

4.Nawafil prayers:

These are optional prayers. The last type of prayers is Nawafil prayer. This type of prayer is not obligatory to be done, but it brings Allah’s satisfaction. These prayers are: 8 Rak’at of Tahajjud, 2 after the 2 Sunnah prayers that prayed after Dhuhr, 4 before Asr prayer, 2 after the 2 Sunnah prayers of Maghrib, 4 of Ishraq prayer, 2 when a Muslim enters a Mosque, 2 when you seeking Blessing from Allah, 2 as Salat el-Haja, and 2 if you want to thank God. These are types of prayers and wish Allah help us to do these prayers at their specified times! Ameen…

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