What is Angel of death and what do I have to know about him?

ِAllah has many angels, each one has its own duty and none can do the duty of the other. One of these angels is the “Angel of death”. this angel that was assigned by Allah to take away the soul of All people when they are dying, whether they are Muslims or not. It is known that Allah has its own throne, and his Angel of Death also bears up this throne in addition to 3 other angels. All angels of Allah _Not only his Angel of Death_ do what Allah wants, and what Allah tells them. So, Allah’s Angels can’t disobey the orders from Allah as they are his envoys. This Angel of Death is not the cause of death, but he only executes Allah’s orders. It is not suitable for you as a believer to hate this envoy Angel for just doing his duty. Everyone on the Earth lives a period of time that Allah has written for him, none will live more or less than his\her specified period. Some people think that they will live a happy life forever, don’t believe in the day of Judgement, don’t know the fact of Angel of Death, and the death takes the people by surprise! Abdullah Ibn Omar narrated, when Allah asked the Angel of Death to take away the souls of people, he said “Oh Allah! You assigned me this duty, so the sons of Adam will hate me and think that I am an evil”. But Allah reassured him and said, we know all of this, there are many causes for death such as disease, accident, .. or any other cause of death, so they will never see you and curse you, but they will think about the causes of death. Is that one angel only able to take away the souls of many people at the same time Many people wonder how this Angel of Death does this. First of all, we have to know that Allah has its own capabilities and we can’t know or imagine many of them by our simple human mindset. But to answer this question we should say that there is only one Angel of Death who can do the same duty for all people who are dying. This means that only one angel can be present in all places at all times!

What is the name of Angel of Death?

It is best known that Angel of Death is named by “Azrael”, but there is no clear evidence from the Quran and Sunnah to confirm this information. For a good believer, it is important to say that we believe in Allah and his angels and don’t hate them as they do their jobs. We have to get ready at any time to receive Azrael, and ask Allah to help us. Wish Allah help us and to know more and more bout Quran and Sunnah.

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