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The Holy Quran is our guidance book that was sent from Allah to his believers. It contains 114 Surah with verses, and their recitation are controlled by Tajweed rules. The Quran must be recited by all Muslims to get its reward from Allah. Recitation or even memorization of the Quran is not like reading a book or a journal, but it has rules called Tajweed rules. And here we are about to know more about Tajweed rules.

What is the meaning of Tajweed rules?

“Tajweed” as a word is derived from (Jawda), which is an Arabic word meant to improve or make something better, so recitation of the Quran will be better. Recitation of the Quran must resemble the recitation of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW). Tajweed rules in the Quran is to give its letters their right when you voice them. Each letter in the Holy Quran has its own pronunciation according to its position in the word, and according to different situations.

Why Muslims have to study Tajweed rules?

In the presence of prophet Muhammad (SAW) Tajweed wasn’t a science that should be studied as many other sciences. The reason for the absence of this science is that Muslims recited the Quran like Muhammad (SAW), and like Jibreel alih el Salam. And with the Islamic conquests, there were mistakes in the Quran. Therefore this science appeared.

What are the benefits of learning Tajweed rules?

Tajweed learning is an important science that must be learnt in order to recite the Quran perfectly as our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW). Rattilonline academy is your chance to start learning Tajweed rules perfectly under the supervision of senior professors. There are many benefits of this study such as: 1. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has advised us to recite the Quran, and said that “Muslim who recite the Quran perfectly and precisely, will be in the company of obadient angels, while the one who recites it with difficulty, he will get twice this reward. 2. Muslims who learn the Quran and teach it to others will not be ordinary people, but they will be from the best. 3. Allah promised his believers to reward them for each letter they recite, and this reward is multiplied by ten. 4. Quran recitation is your way to paradise. It is important to say learning Arabic letters will help you to understand Tajweed rules.

These rules are:

a. Ghunnah: it is the sound in the nose in 2 letters Noon and Meem in Arabic letters. b. Shaddah: it is the doubling of the emphases of the letter sound. c. Idgham: is divided into 2 types _Idgham with Ghunnah: it occurs when one of these letters (و_م_ن_ي (follows a letter attached to (Tanween or Noon Sakinah). So these letters are integrated into the following letters. _Idgham without Ghunnah: when Tanween or noon sakinah precedes 2 letters which are (Laam and Raa, ر، ل , (so these Noon sakinah and Tanween will be ignored. As Muslims, we have to recite the Quran perfectly to get the rewards from Allah.

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