The Angels    The Arabic word for ‘angel’ is malak. Malaa’ikah is  its plural. Allah created the angels. He created them  just as He created man and everything else.    They are made of light. We cannot see them, but  we know that they are there! This is because Allah’s  Messenger () has told us so.    The angels are Allah’s servants. They obey Him all  the time. They carry out His commands. They have no  power to disobey Allah.    Allah wanted man to obey Him. So He sent Angel  Jibreel () to Prophet Muhammad (). Angel Jibreel  told the Prophet () what Allah wanted man to do.  Jibreel () brought the Qur’an to the Prophet () at  the command of Allah. This was Jibreel’s duty.    Allah sent Angel Jibreel () to many Prophets  before Prophet Muhammad (). We can read about  these prophets in the Qur’an. There are many angels.    Different angels do different duties. Angel Jibreel  is one of them.    Every one of us has two angels. They remain with  us all the time. They write down everything we do or  say! They write down our good actions and bad  actions.    Mikaa’eel, Israafeel, Maalik and Jibreel are some  of the angels.    A Muslim believes in all of Allah’s angels.   
  1. Write the answers to the following questions. 
  1 . What is the Arabic word for angels?   
  1. Who created the angels? 
  1. What are angels made of? 
  A Muslim believes in the angels even if he cannot see them.    Allah sent Prophets and Messengers to guide man    Allah sent guidance to  us through His Prophets. This  guidance of Allah is called  wahi. The English word for  wahi is revelation.  Revelation means to make  something known. Wahi  (revelation) is the gift of  Allah to man.    Who brought this wahi to the Prophets? It was  Angel Jibreel ( ) who brought wahi to Allah’s    Prophets. These were Allah’s messages. These  messages were collected in the form of books.    The Qur’an speaks of these books:    The Suhuf were given to Prophet Ibraaheem (),  The Zaboor was given to Prophet Dawood (),  The Tawrah was given to Prophet Musa (),    The Injeel was given to Prophet Isa (), and  the Qur’an was given to Prophet Muhammad ()    All these books had the same message of    Tawheed in them, that is (there is no god but Allah).    What happened to these books?    Except for the Qur’an, all the other books were lost or  changed by people.    Today the original words of these books do not  exist, but we still believe that these Books were once  sent by Allah.    We now have the Qur’an only. Its words are as  original as when they came to our Prophet Muhammad  ()• Allah has protected the Qur’an in its original form.  It is a part of our faith to believe in the Qur’an.    The Books of Allah    Check   Match the columns   Books    Prophets    *Isa ()                                                                        Qur’an   *Da wood ()                                                              Suhuf    *Musa ()                                                                    Injeel    *Ibraaheem ()                                                        Tawrah    *Muhammad ()                                                     Zaboor   
  1. Fill in the blanks. 
  1 . The guidance of Allah to the Prophets is called ………………….  
  1. It was Angel (………) who brought the wahi 
  to Allah’s Prophets.   
  1. The Qur’an was given to Prophet ( …………….. ). 
  1. Except for the Qur’an, all the other Books were ………………
  or by people.    5.Allah has protected the  original form.  in its  Allah does not make His will known to man  directly. He does not tell each one of us separately to  do this and not to do that. 

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