What we have to know about Suhoor

Do you know the meaning of Suhoor?

Before knowing all about Suhoor we have to know more about Ramadan.

What do you know about Ramadan?

It is one of the Arab months (the ninth one) when Allah revealed his great book (the Holy Quran) on his Messenger Muhammad (SAW). Also in this Holy month, all Muslims around the World are obliged to fast these thirty or twenty-nine days (according to the vision of the crescent). Ramadan is the Golden opportunity for Muslims as they seek repentance for past sins to be pious. Muslims have two meals in Ramadan one of them is Iftar and the other one is Suhoor.

What is Suhoor?

It is one of the Muslims’ meals in Ramadan. This meal is consumed early in the Morning before Fajr or Dawn. Don’t underestimate the importance of this meal as it is the backbone of your day, So everyone has to take care of preparing it. In this meal one has to prepare healthy food to help him to remain in good health for the rest of the day. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked us to care about it, and not to skip it and he said: “Tasaharo faena fe Suhoori Barakah”. This means to care about it as it will give you the power to be able to complete your day. This is Suhoor, what is Iftar? This is the second meal of Muslims in Ramadan. Muslims have this meal during sunset after Maghrib, when they are used to prepare the most delicious food. At Iftar time, family and friends gather to break their fast by having Iftar. Iftar is also important but the most important meal you have to have is Suhoor.

Benefits of Suhoor:

It has many great benefits as we know and some of them will be mentioned here. ● This will help you to complete your day. ● Very important for people who are on a diet especially if they do exercise after it. ● It helps us to pray Fajr at its specific time, as it is rather difficult to wake up every day early to pray Fajr prayer. ● If we have Suhoor, we follow the example of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as he has advised us to have this meal to get Barakah. ● Following our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) helps us to get Allah’s satisfaction. ● Also to remember God’s mercy, Allah Almighty asked us to have Suhoor meals in order not to feel hard. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also asked us to have it when he said that the difference between our fasting and the fasting of the people of the Book Is Suhoor. This means that the people of the book did not use to eat at these times and we have to break their rules. It is important to know that to prepare it you don’t have to prepare too much food but if you don’t like to eat at this time for any reason you can only drink water. See More : Ramadan Duas and their specified times

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