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How to read whole Quran in Ramadan?

Do you have a plan that will help you in “How to read

whole Quran in Ramadan”?

Whether the answer is yes or no, we have to open our minds to know more about the Quran and the benefits of reading it. Then you will find the answer to “How to read the whole Quran in Ramadan?” Quran is the guide book for all Muslims around the World, and it is the only trusted book. It contains all issues, political, life, and religious issues, It also talks about the poor, and orphans. Now it’s time to talk about “how to read the whole Quran in Ramadan?”. It is important to know that Reciting the Holy Quran is not limited to Ramadan only, but it is also done on other days, but the aim of increasing the time of recitation in Ramadan is the great reward from Allah as he promised. We can make a plan that will help us in

“How to read the whole Quran in Ramadan?”

1.Renewing your intentions:
In any work you do, it is very important to establish many intentions then to renew them before you start your work, as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has advised. Renewing your intentions helps you to get the full reward.
2.Putting a plan:
This step is the most important one that will help you in “How to read the whole Quran in Ramadan”. You have to put your plan, renew it every day, and then put it into action. It is better to write your plan in a paper rather than keeping it in your mind, as it is believed that putting your plan on a paper helps you to succeed in it by 90%. For example, you write that you will read one or 2 Guzz’ every day dividing their pages between your prayers.
3. Try to understand the Quran:
Before reading the Quran, it is preferred to translate your daily Guzz’. This will help you to know the meaning of what you recite, give you a basic knowledge of the theme, topic, and messages, this will give you an uplifting experience.
4.Finding a good company and compete in Good:
This is the best thing that will encourage you in your journey “How to read the whole Quran in Ramadan? They will be your spiritual friends and will be your fire in your times of slacking when you can’t or have no energy to do more. Ask them to remind you with Allah, and to encourage you for fulfilling your goals. Assembling with good companionship will help you forget time-wasting in many useless things such as chatting, and this will be reflected on your time, you will feel Barakah in the time that will help you to do more and more daily. So, the golden advice here is to keep on reciting the Quran and never give up doing this to get the promised reward from Allah. Also one has to know that QUALITY IN BETTER THAN QUANTITY which means that reciting one page with a the humbled heart is better than reciting the whole Quran with your tongue only.
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