Ramadan for kids

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Arabic months. During Ramadan, all Muslims are obliged to fast and then have their Iftar just by the time of Maghrib, this continues for thirty or twenty-nine days. Ramadan fasting is one of the 5 pillars of Islam that forms the basics of the faith of Muslims. Ramadan for kids is not only limited to adults, this doesn’t mean that kids are obliged to do what adults do, but Ramadan for kids means they should be happy, and practice what they can do just for fun. Ramadan for adults not only Iftar once the sun sets and Suhor before the Sun rises, but it is also praying Taraweeh, reciting the Quran, I’tikaf, and all of the good deeds. We say Ramadan for kids because of the three_day festival (which is known as Eid) that is held after Ramadan. On Eid, family members and friends gather to celebrate and congratulate each other. Some families used to decorate their homes for kids to make them happy. All children love Ramadan and its habits and try to do what their parents do in this great month. What should children do in Ramadan? When we say Ramadan for kids, we don’t mean kids fasting but we mean the happiness of the children during Ramadan. Children have to start fasting when they reach the age of puberty in Islam. Parents have a big role in how to prepare their children for Ramadan to be ready when they reach a suitable age. Our children are our fruitful tree who must be watered with faith. and when they grow up in a religious family, they will be good servants. Reciting the Quran is one of the most important acts of worship that can be done in Ramadan which makes children happy if they find their parents doing this. The role of the parents in Ramadan is to teach them the the greatness of this Month, how they can take it as a golden chance, it is the only month in the whole year when the Paradise doors are opened and the fire doors are closed, and it is our chance to ask for Allah’s forgiveness. When is the Iftar time? When it starts to get dark, Muslims prepare deliciously meals and start to eat, gathering their kids around them to share their joy and also sweet moments. This meal is called “Iftar” or breakfast which means you break your long fasting. It is also important to say that you will be rewarded for making Ramadan funny for you kids, which means “Ramadan for kids”. Making Ramadan fun for children is not so easy but we have to make an effort to bring a sense of excitement and fun to the celebration of Ramadan and also Eid Ul Fitr. Also books containing children’s pictures will help the parents to strengthen the good feelings of Ramadan and Eid. I wish Allah will accept it from us, and help us to make our kids happy when Ramadan is coming. See More : Ramadan Duas and their specified times

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