What is the importance of memorizing the Quran? The Noble Quran was revealed on the Night of Power to our master Muhammad, “may God bless him and grant him peace,” and it is written in the lines and preserved in the breasts, so you know what the Holy Quran is? What is the importance of preserving it?

Whoever wants to meet the benefit of the Quran must do a number of things, including: sincerity in intention, supplication, and repentance to God. He also has to prepare a solid plan so that the project of memorizing it is completed, including allocating time and energy, determining what he wants to preserve, and finding auxiliary means for preservation.

What is the importance of memorizing the Quran
What is the importance of memorizing the Quran

What is the importance of memorizing the Quran?

He must also be patient and not despair, and he must be committed to a group that helps to help in that work because it requires persistence, diligence and vigor.

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Few people resort to memorizing their children from a young age, when this work requires patience, perseverance and commitment.

This is because the daily work and duties always distract them from this idea, or it may not even cross their minds, taking days and years until a person reaches an age in which he cannot pursue these matters, neither for himself nor for his children.

Memorizing the Quran remains for many a dream stuck in their minds that they struggle with when they are old, because it remains the only wish that they wish to bring back life with in order to fulfill it.

What is the importance of memorizing the Quran
What is the importance of memorizing the Quran

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Because he has reached an age that is not able to memorize a page or a

sentence, and he has come close to meeting God and on that day he wishes

for a good deed, with which he will survive, so how can the keeper of the

Quran when meeting God?

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