The method of reverence in reading the Quran, the Noble Quran is the word of God Almighty that He revealed to our master Muhammad, may God prayers and peace be upon him, and made it His miracle that defies all human beings.

It is one of the greatest books on the face of the earth due to its great miracle in its coordination and arrangement, as it contains all issues related to human life.

The Holy Quran is appropriate for every time and time. When reading the Noble Quran, Muslims must ponder its meanings and read it with reverence and meditation.

The method of reverence in reading the Quran

Reading the Noble Quran with reverence There are many ways and means that a Muslim must follow in order to be submissive when reading the Holy Quran. Among these methods and means are the following:

The method of reverence in reading the Quran
The method of reverence in reading the Quran

Careful consideration when reading the Holy Quran

Because the purpose of reading it is to know the meanings contained in each of his verses, and to feel the greatness of the Creator, the Almighty, and his power that is evident in the creation of this universe.

Consequently, the Muslim’s reverence when reading the Quran. He who does not ponder the verses of the Quran will miss a lot in his life.

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Glorify this Bible

Knowing its importance in our life, it includes all issues related to every aspect of life.

Seeking refuge from the accursed Satan

When starting to read the Noble Quran, because Satan worked hard to prevent the Muslim from being reverent and contemplating reading the Holy Quran.

The method of reverence in reading the Quran
The method of reverence in reading the Quran

Recitation of the Holy Quran

When a Muslim recites the Quran in silence, feelings of awe and reverence strike him automatically for this great book.

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The person who reads the Quran is the person addressed in these verses,

because many of his verses talk about the deeds that the righteous used to


Therefore, the reader must learn lessons from these righteous people who

were mentioned in the Quran and follow their example, and there are other

verses that talk about the unbelievers, their fate and their stories, so they

must be read carefully to avoid the deeds that the unbelievers did.

Reading the Quran, explaining it, and studying it with the Ahl al-Bayt and

brothers. Because that leads to peace and mercy on him and his family.

Because they read it and explain everything in it in detail.

Consequently, he understood all the issues he mentioned, and sensed his

greatness and awe, and thus reverence when reading it.

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