Tips for memorizing the Holy Quran, Master memorizing, understanding, beware and hurry, and let the dear reader know that what is taken quickly is lost quickly, so be patient, persevering, and mastery of your work until you succeed in your goal.

Cooperate with your friend or one of your family members, so that each of you encourages the other to review the Quran, make sure to memorize it, and help him identify his faults and weaknesses.

Get away from what distracts you and distracts your mind. In many cases, the cause of forgetfulness is a decrease in the energy of the mind due to a problem, it may be a problem at work or in the family or otherwise, and if the problem is solved, forgetfulness will go with it.

Tips for memorizing the Holy Quran
Tips for memorizing the Holy Quran

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If the matter is very difficult, you can consult specialists in the field of human development, who may direct you to a simple method of memorization commensurate with the functions of the mind, or you can resort to those who preceded you in this experience and succeeded in it in order to draw from their experiences in this aspect.

Always use the Quran in which you save and never change it, because this helps you keep the mental image in your mind clear, and you may feel at that time when trying to retrieve what you have memorized that you are looking at the image of the page in your brain and reading the verses from it.

Dear reader, try to sing the Quran in a tone that you love. Singing the Quran and trying to read it well will ward off boredom and help you feel the mistake before it happens because it breaks the weight you are used to hearing.

You can write some similar verses that you frequently mistake for on large boards and hang them in your room until you memorize them.

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Tips for memorizing the Holy Quran
Tips for memorizing the Holy Quran

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You can follow this strategy by giving you verses every day to remember so

that you write what was difficult for you to mention and hang them in your

room and thus establish them in your mind again.

Do not move from memorizing to memorizing until you are sure that what

has been mentioned above is firm and entrenched in your mind and


Organize your memorization of the Quran and your revision of it, because

organizing in that makes memory receive the Quran and memorize it in

order as well.

Give the review more time than memorize the new, this will make

memorization stronger and more effective.

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