How to memorize the Quran for young children, instill the love of the Noble Quran in the child’s soul and make him feel that the relationship with the Book of God is one of worship, reward, and reward, and inform him of the news of those who have memorized the Holy Quran of those of his age.

The parents set a good example in their good relationship with the Holy Quran. Recitation, memorization and management.

To start with short Surah’s, they are easier to memorize, and more encouragement for him to follow and continue.

How to memorize the Quran for young children

The child’s listening to the surah’s is to be well memorized, as the verses are read in front of him with a typical correct reading, and he listens well. Child returning the verses behind the memorized verse by verse.

He recited the verses on his own well afterwards, with follow-up and correction by the teacher.

How to memorize the Quran for young children
How to memorize the Quran for young children

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Dividing the surah’s into short paragraphs, and joining the memorized one together, meaning whenever one memorized a verse, he added another to it, and so on. The child recites the verses that he has memorized well.

The child listens to the teaching Quran for children via YouTube, or the Internet in general, as it relies on the educational model reading method, repetition, and collective student repetition behind it.

Adopting the method of material and moral reinforcement, in various forms, such as being encouraged whenever something is memorized by giving it a specific prize or gift, and when completing part of the Quran by giving it a valuable gift such as an iPad (for children), or an electronic speaking Quran, and so on.

The child enrolls in courses for memorizing the Holy Quran through mosques or schools, as these courses have a good effect, in encouraging children to compete collectively in memorizing the Holy Quran.

How to memorize the Quran for young children
How to memorize the Quran for young children

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Child’s enrollment in camps for memorizing the Holy Quran, if any, and this

is an advanced step in collective and institutional interaction with the Holy


Encouraging the child to participate in official competitions in memorizing

the Noble Quran, through mosques and public and private schools, for this

includes developing the child’s capabilities and investing his energies in

memorizing the Holy Quran.

Encouraging the child to constantly listen to the recitation of the Quran at

home from time to time, through satellite channels or YouTube programs,

for that is good, beneficial, and blessed.

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