Way to review memorizing the Quran, for anyone who wants to know how to review memorizing the Noble Quran must follow more than one method of revision, not one method, in order to facilitate his task. Among these methods and the following means:

Way to review memorizing the Quran

Daily hour:

A person has to set an hour per day to review what he has memorized from the Holy Quran. At this hour he reviews the surah’s, or the parts that he memorized, within an hour, in order to verify them and make sure that he memorized them.

And if the amount of the Quran he memorized is large, then he divides the review into several days a week, or two weeks if he has memorized most of the Holy Quran, or all of it, and then he repeats the ball.

Where he returns to the beginning, so that he starts again from where he started the first time, and does not leave a long distance between what he reviewed the first time and what he will repeat the second time.

Way to review memorizing the Quran
Way to review memorizing the Quran

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A person must constantly listen to the Holy Quran through the reciters, so that he listens to the surahs that he memorized, and begins to recite the Quran with the reciter.

Thus, by listening and reciting, he can review what he has memorized, in an easy and comfortable way.

Recite it in prayer:

A person can review what he has memorized from the Holy Quran by repeating it in the five daily prayers, or in the night prayer.

In the night prayer, he can divide the surahs that he memorized according to the number of rak’ahs that he intends to perform, and thus recite in each rak’ah a part of what he memorized, and thus in this way he will review what he memorized.

Reflection and understanding:

Understanding the Noble Quran is a kind of review, because when a person tries to manage what he has memorized, by resorting to books of interpretation, and trying to understand what are the reasons for the revelation of the verses, or the surahs, and understand the meanings of the words, and what is meant by the texts of the Holy Quran.

By this, he has established the verses in his heart and mind, and thus it is difficult to forget them after that, because the revision that a person performs is because of not forgetting, and if contemplation and understanding is difficult to forget, and it is easy to do so from the matter of review.

Way to review memorizing the Quran
Way to review memorizing the Quran

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Participatory work is a desirable job, and loved by people in all fields, if a person can participate with a friend who has memorized the Holy Quran.

And each of them listens to the other, then the task of reviewing the Noble Quran will make it easier for them so that each of them will help the other in this matter.

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