Ruling on reading the Quran with the heart, This Quran contains the illumination of al-Huda and the lamps of darkness. The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said:

If you are confused by temptations such as cutting off the dark night, then you must follow the Quran, for it is an intercessor, and it is approved, and whoever puts it in front of him will lead him to Heaven, and whoever puts it behind him will lead to Hell.

Ruling on reading the Quran with the heart

It is the evidence indicating the best way, and it is a book in detail, clarification and collection, and it is the separation is not joking, and it has a back and a stomach, so its appearance is judgment, its inside is a science.

its appearance is elegant, its interior is deep, it has stars and its stars have stars, its wonders are not counted, and its strange things are not lost And a beacon of wisdom and a guide to knowledge. For those who know the quality, let him look wide.

Ruling on reading the Quran with the heart
Ruling on reading the Quran with the heart

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And in order for the attribute to reach his gaze, he will be saved from damage, and he will get rid of an attack, for reflection is the life of the heart of the insight, as the enlightened walks in the darkness with light, so you have to do well to get rid of it and the lack of ambush.

Commander of the Faithful said:

Learn the Quran, for it is the spring of hearts, and seek healing with its light, for it heals the breasts, and recites it well, for it is the most beneficial of stories.

Imam al-Askari said:

God pays for the listener of the Quran the calamity of the world, and on

behalf of his relatives the affliction of the Hereafter, and for whom

Muhammad’s breath is in his hand when he hears a verse from the Book of

God, and it is a belief that is more rewarding than a lot of gold in charity.

Ruling on reading the Quran with the heart
Ruling on reading the Quran with the heart

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