How do I keep reading the Quran, with the complete conviction that the Book of Allah has knowledge and goodness for us in all matters of our life. As we said earlier, the Book of Allah is not a simple, ordinary book that a person can deal with such naivety that no reason or logic can accept.

The book of Allah and everything in it, its verses, words, and movements above its letters are all tight and precise, with no equivalent, and this matter is one of the first things that help a person to study the Book of Allah Almighty and to preserve it.

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How do I keep reading the Quran

Among the most important things that invite us and motivate us to read the Quran and carefully study it is what it contains:

Linguistic miracles

For everyone who loves to explore new things and search for the beautiful and useful meanings that exist in the Book of Allah in its most beautiful, beautiful and best form.

How do I keep reading the Quran
How do I keep reading the Quran

Dealing with the book in a way that each point in it has a new meaning that you add, makes a person eager to discover this new and reach it, which motivates him to reach these new meanings.

And the Book of Allah is the house of all human beings and not for a

specific group without other people, and this matter makes the Quran

capable of being read and understood by all people and everyone who

seeks to discover new things.

Just by having the rules of the Arabic language, especially the semantics,

this matter greatly helps to understand and manage this miraculous final


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How do I keep reading the Quran
How do I keep reading the Quran

Quranic stories

Among the things that encourage a person to reach a stage after which he

cannot deviate from the Book of Allah, are the Quran stories and news that

the book contains in many places about previous nations, and about the

cosmic laws that Allah Almighty placed on earth.

These matters are what helps very greatly for him to think about the

creation of Allah Almighty, his power, his kingdom, and his greatness, there

is no god but He, especially if we seek the help of this matter with a

linguistic semantics, then we will find the wonder as well.

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