What is ment by Shahada in Islam?   Shahada in Islam is the statement of Faith; as it describes the Muslim declaration of Faith.

أشهد أن لا إله إلا االله وأشهد أن محمداً رسول االله

It is the first Pillar of Islam (Islam consists of 5 pillars), and these five Pillars are the groundwork of Islam as a religious scheme of Faith, and devotion. The most important Pillar of these Five Pillars is Shahada. It is clear that other Pillars of Islam can’t be practiced without Shahada. Here we will know everything about Shahada in Islam, its importance, and when should it be recited.  

The transliteration of Shahada in Islam:


أشهد أن لا إله إلا االله وأشهد أن محمداً رسول االله

  “Ash hado anna la elaha ella Allah, wa ash hadu anna muhammadan rasolo Allah.” This golden statement means that “there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger.” And this great statement describes Monotheism (Tawheed) in Islam. To be Muslim, you have to recite Shahada first, not only with your tongue, but also in the presence of your Heart (which means Khushoo’). To establish the meaning of Shahada in Islam, All Muslims have to believe in Allah, and believe that Muhammad (SAW) is His last Messenger.   It is important to say that Muslims also believe in other Prophets _that are sent by Allah_ such as Adam, Mousa, Eisa, and many others.  

When should Shahada in Islam be recited?

  It is recited in Adhan (the call to prayer), in our prayers, and it also should be recited into the ears of a newborn Muslim. Shahada may also be recited at any time to renew our covenant with Allah. To confirm the importance of reciting Shahada we have to know the Hadith of our beloved Prophet (SAW):

“ما من عبد قال لا إله إلا االله، ثم مات على ذلك، إلا دخل الجنة”

    This Holy Hadith means that whoever says la elaha ella Allah, then dies, he will enter Jannah and get Paradise. So, it should be recited when dying (some people sit next to the dying to remind him|her with Shahada) to get the great reward from Allah. Every Muslim must recite this statement out loud, with total sincerity, and fully understanding what it means.  

Good end in Islam:

Some people think that reciting Shahada when dying is an easy thing, but in fact, it is a help from God. The great end due to its recitation is an evidence of good life.   Not all good deeds describes the goodness of the life, as said by the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (SAW):

إن أحدكم لیعمل بعمل أهل النار حتى ما یكون بینه وبینها إلا ذراع؛ فیسبق علیه” “الكتاب؛ فیعمل بعمل أهل الجنة؛ فیدخلها

The meaning of this Hadith is:
Some people do bad deeds but end their lives with good deeds, for their good deeds they enter Jannah. So, we can say that we must do good deeds during life; as we don’t know the time of our death.   See More : What matters Muslims about Dua mustajab

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