What is “Fortress of the Muslim”?

Have you heard about “Fortress of the Muslim” before?

All Muslims know and realize that Allah is their only army and he is the only force. If they ask they will ask Allah, and if they pray, they pray only for him. As Muslims, we have to ask Allah to protect us from any bad things that may happen to us, there are many types of protection every Muslim has to know. One of these types is Fortress of the Muslim.

What is the meaning of Fortress of the Muslim?

It is also called Adhkar al Muslim, and Hesnul Muslim. This is some Ayat, and authentic supplications that should be recited by Muslims to protect them.

When should Muslims recite this Fortress of the Muslim?

It should be recited on a daily basis, and also on some special occasions. Fortress of the Muslim contains adhkar for the Morning and for the evening. The aim of reciting Fortress of the Muslim: Reciting it daily protects us from every bad thing that may happen to us as Shyateen, Jinn, evil eyes, and Sihr. “Fortress” as a word means “castle” which means the whole protection.

What does the booklet of Fortress of the Muslim contain?

It is important to say that, fortress of the Muslim may be found in booklets, or applications on your phone. These booklets or applications contanin all Dhikr every Muslim have to recite all the day or in certain occasions.

It contains:

● Dua when you wake up. ● supplication if you wear a new garment. ● before undressing. ● Before you enter the toilet. ● When you leave the toilet. ● When you start and complete the ablution. ● When you leave and enter your home. ● When you leave and enter the Mosque. ● When you start and end your prayer. ● When you commit a sin. ● When you visit the sick. ● When you complete your meal. These are some but not all supplications you have to recite in some situations. What is the benefit of Fortress of the Muslim? Allah loves his servants to obey him, his rules, and to mention his name as much as they can. He promised his servants to reward them for the remembrance of Allah, and asking for his supplication. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that “the one who mentions his God, is as the living, and the one who doesn’t mention him is as the dead.” Dua for new clothes Fortress: “Alhamdulillah anta kasawteneh, asaluka men kharihi wa khairi ma suni’a lahu, wa a’udhu bika men sharihi wa shri ma sun’a lahu.” The meaning of this Supplication is that, Oh Allah! I thank you for this new clothes, and I ask you for its goodness and the goodness of what it has been made for, and wish you to protect me from its evil, and the evil of what it has been made for. (Abu Dawood, and Al Tirmidhi). The Golden advice for you is to memorize Fortress of the Muslim, to know its meaning, and to recite its supplications in the suitable situations to get the promised reward from Allah. See More : What every Muslim has to know about Taraweeh prayers

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