The Muslim can’t be ignorant about Firdaws

It is impossible to ask any Muslim about Firdaws and find no answer. All Muslims and almost non Muslims have heard about Firdaws. All humans know Allah, some believe in Allah, and others don’t believe in him. It is not logic to talk about God’s blessings without knowing Allah himself. All words can’t describe him, his power, and his blessings. Allah is the only force that can be found in the world, and he is the only army you can depend on him. Allah promised his believers to reward them with it if they obey his rules and avoid what he had forbidden. What is “Firdaws meaning”: All Muslims who believed in Allah, his books, his messengers, and the day of Judgement, will get Firdaws as Allah promised them. This word means “Jannah” ; it is not a single Jannah, but many of them. There are the highest and the lowest Firdaws, according to the human action in Donia. It is featured by its beautiful beauty, located in the highest and the middle site, and all rivers of Jannah originate from it. It is important to say that Jannah contains what we can’t imagine or describe. All words can’t describe this Jannah and its blessings. To win this Jannah, it is important to work hard, and do your best to get it. Allah showed to us the right path, and the wrong one and asked us to take the right path to win this great reward. Firdaws is difficult but it is not impossible, your duty is to obey the rules of Allah, recite Shahada, pray your obligatory prayers, fast Ramadan, pay your Zakat, and visit the House of Allah if you can, these are called the 5 pillars of Islam. If you do these 5 pillars of Islam, you will win Allah’s satisfaction and his Jannah.

How to get Firdaws?

As we said before, it is difficult but not impossible, but when you intend to win it, Allah will help you and he will make it easy for you.

To get this great reward from Allah you have to do these things:

● Khushoo in the prayer: that means the humility and the attendance of the heart in your prayer. ● Praying all prayers at their exact times. ● Performing honesty to its owners, that will be your chance to go to Jannah. All good things you do are considered your path to win Jannah especially Firdaws.

What is the Dua of Firdaws?

There is a specific Dua every Muslim can recite to ask Allah for it. This Dua is “Allahumma enny as’aluka al Firdaws a’la al Jannah.” The meaning of this Duaa is that, oh Allah! I ask you for Firdaws that is the highest level in Jannah. All days and nights with their hard work will be crowned by Firdaws on the day of Judgement. We are here in Donia to be there with Allah after death. Work hard and do your best to get this great reward, and don’t give up. See More : What every Muslim has to know about Taraweeh prayers

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