What do you know about Tafsir al Quran Surah Fatihah?

Every Muslim knows that the Holy Quran is his only guidance and the most reliable book. For this reason, there are many interpretations for the Quran to make it easy for Muslims to understand its meaning. And we are here to know more about Tafsir al Quran Surah Fatihah. It is known that the Holy Quran contain114 Surah, and 30 parts. As a Muslim, it is important to know the meaning of each the word you can recite in the Holy Quran. So we will learn Tafsir al Quran Surah Fatihah to get its benefit.

What is the meaning of Tafsir al Quran?

It is to know the meaning of its words, and the reason for the revelation of its verses. The reason for learning Tafsir al Quran Surah Fatihah: Generally, Tafsir al Quran helps you to understand the meaning of its verse to feel Khushoo while reciting it. Tafsir al Quran Surah al Fatihah is your way to feel Khushoo in your prayer; as in every Rak’ah you have to recite al Fatihah. Knowing the meaning of each word you recite makes it easy for you to feel humility and proper focus. On learning Tafsir al Quran Surah Fatihah helps you to get the reward from Allah.

Tafsir al Quran Surah Fatihah:

It is named Fatihah as it is the opening of the book, it is also named Umm al ketab. It contains 7 Ayat. Allah said that he has divided the prayer between him and his servant, ● When he says: “Al hamdu lilahi rab al alameen” which means that all thanks to Allah,he is the lord of existence. Allah says: my servant has praised me. ● When he says: “Arahman arahim” which means “Allah is the most merciful”. Allah says: my servant has glorified me. ● When he says: “Malek yaowm eldin” which means that Allah is the owner of the day of Judgement. Allah says that: my servant has related all of his matters to me. ● When he says: “Iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nasta’in” which means that you are our only God, we don’t worship anyone except for you, and we only ask for help from you. Allah says: this is between me and my servant, and I will give him what he asked for. ● When he say: “ihdina al sirat al mustaqeem, serata alladhin an’mta alihim ghir al maghdoub alihem wala al daleen Ameen” which means that we ask you to guide your servants to the straight path, the path of people you graced them not you are angry at them. Allah says: this is for my servants, and they will get what they want. Now, we discussed Tafsir al Quran Surah Fatihah, to know the meaning of its verses and recite it in the presence of your heart not only recitation by your tongue. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that “there is no prayer for one who doesn’t recite the opening of the book”. All of the above encourages you to know more about this great Surah. Don’t give up reciting this Surah. See More : Surah Kafiroon and the cause of its revelation

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