What are good deeds in Islam?

  Islam doesn’t have only duties, but it also has good deeds in Islam. Allah Almighty loves his servants and asked them to be near to him not only with prayers, fasting, but there is also other good deeds in Islam. We are here to know more and more about good deeds in Islam to become near to Allah, and get his satisfaction. These good deeds in Islam are not difficult for all Muslims to do, but they are good and simple for Muslims, and they have to do as much as possible. Allah said in the Holy Quran that “Allah has promised those who believe and do righteous deeds that for them there is forgiveness and a great reward”. Now we will know some of these goods deeds in Islam to increase our Hasanat. The great and the most important advantage of doing these deeds is that: It can be done by all Muslims, and there is no difference between man and woman, old and young, poor or rich, it only depends on his power, his demand to become near to Allah, and the help of Allah.

Let’s list some of these good deeds in Islam:

● Praying in congregation:

As Muslims, we have to keep on praying all of our prayers in the Mosque especially in the congregation. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said “whoever goes to the Mosque in the morning and evening, Allah will reward him by preparing an honorable place in Paradise every time he goes and comes.” (By Al Bukhari and Muslim). ● Repeating “Lailaha illah Allah wahdahu la sharika lah lahu al Mulk, wa lahu al Hamd, yohey wayowmeeet wa howa ala Koli shay’ Qadeer” which means that, there is no God except for Allah, he has no partner, Allah only can make us alive or dead, all praise for him and he is the only one who can do anything with no limit. If any Muslim repeat this one hundred times, it will be like as freeing 10 slaves. This also records for you one Hundred Hasanaat, and removes also one Hundred Say’aat. Another great benefit of repeating this is that it can also protect you against any bad thing (Shyateen) until the evening comes (if you repeat it in the day).

● Family kinship:

The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (SAW) asked us to visit our relatives to prolong our lives, and also to get Allah’s satisfaction.

● Reciting the Holy Quran:

This is one of the best and the simplest good deeds in Islam. Quran recitation is a great worship that can be done by all Muslims at any time with no effort. Allah promised to reward us for each letter when we recite the Quran and this reward is multiplied by ten for each letter. As our prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, don’t say alif laam meem as a letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter, and meem is a letter. These are some but not all good deeds, there are many other good deeds every Muslim has to do as much as possible to get more Hasanaat, and finally to get Jannah. See More : Do you know who is the Best man in the world?

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