What are the best Holy Quran sites?

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 What are the best Holy Quran sites?

  • The Holy Quran Project website

Website link A distinct integrated site with new tools not found in the rest of the sites, the site provides these services:
  • Reviewing the Noble Quran with Ottoman drawing listening to a separate verse from the Noble Quran or continuous listening with the possibility of the reader choosing the feature of repeating reading for the purpose of memorization.
  • You can specify the number of repetitions for each verse and the waiting time between each iteration, or choose a set of verses to repeat.
  • Interpretation of the verses of the Noble Quran in a smooth and creative display, so that you can click on any verse to display the interpretation on the side.
  • The ability to choose the book of interpretation and choose the language. The ability to search for a specific word at high speed, with the verse displayed in writing and formally.
  • Smooth transition between the suras – verses – pages – parts and an interface in Arabic and another in English.

2- Download site – from Lord of the Worlds

Website link
  • The Holy Quran is displayed in writing, not officially, with the ability to change the font, size, and copying simply.
  • The recitation of the verses separately or connected with the possibility of changing the reader.
  • The ability to specify a repeat for each verse for the purpose of memorization.
  • Translation of the meanings of the Noble Quran in English when hovering over the verse.
  • Navigating the Quran by Surah – Verse – Juz – Page Search the words of the Noble Quran.

3- Muslim Web site

Website link Among the leading Quranic sites in this field:
  • Presentation of the verses of the Noble Quran in the Uthmani drawing or in the regular formed script.
  • The feature of hiding verses and showing them when clicking on them in order to review memorizing the Holy Quran.
  • Offer interpretation from several sources.
  • Moving between parts, chapters, and verses of the Holy Quran smoothly.
  • Continuous listening to verses of the Holy Quran with the voice of more than 20 readers.

4- The Holy Quran with Ottoman painting

Website link
  • Displaying the pages of the Holy Quran with the Ottoman graphic that corresponds to reality.
  • The possibility of choosing a drawing of the Quran from 12 different texts.
  • Watch in high definition with a magnifying glass as well and the ability to change the resolution according to the connection speed.
  • Moving between pages is smooth as if you were flipping through a real Quran.

5- Quranic Researcher site

Website link
  • A search engine for searching the Holy Quran and the Sunnah.
  • You can listen to the verse after showing the results.
  • Show interpretation of Al-Jalalain or Ibn Kathir or the translation of meanings.
  • It can be searched by a whole word or part of a word.
  • It is also possible to switch all forms of the alphabet letters in the year.
  • By choosing one of the well-known Hadith books: Al-Bukhari – Muslim – Al-Tirmidhi, the text is directly printed, memorized, or shared.

6- Interpretation of the Holy Quran website

Website link
  • A large number of books of exegesis to choose from.
  • Interpretations are divided and categorized.
  • Select the surah and the verse, and then choose the book of interpretation to display the content directly.
  • It also contains the parsing of the Quran – topics of the Quran – rulings of the Quran and other chapters.
7- Quran Voice website
Website link
  • Listening to the Holy Quran with the voices of many reciters.
  • Flash operator to run the Holy Quran.
  • Flash Quran with high quality and great accuracy.
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