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Learn Quran Tafseer, the importance of the science of exegesis comes from the importance of the interpreted texts, so the honor of knowledge comes from the honor of the known, and the Book of Allah Almighty is the most honorable of books, and the science of exegesis is a science related to the interpretation of the Noble Quran and its clarification and clarification of what was formed of it so that people understand it and act accordingly.


And because of the importance of this knowledge and its merit, it was made one of the obligations of sufficiency for the ummah. If some people know it, learn it, and control its origins, this will fall from the rest, and the Islamic nation is in dire need of this knowledge and its people who specialize in it. And the tongues do not deviate or deviate, and a person is not tired of repeating it.


The more he delves into his understanding and learning, the more endless wonders appear to him, and the Quran will be a clear light for whomever he has taken for his right. Allah Almighty writes for him with a reward, and if he asks for guidance with it, he is guided, and if he turns away from him he will go astray.


How do I learn the interpretation of the Quran online

Those who want to study the science of exegesis and in-depth with it need to turn to specialized scholars who have a long history of interpretation in knowledge and education, and we on Rattilonline.com present the interpretation of the Quran in its simplest cases.


As it is not sufficient for the seeker of knowledge to read and listen a lot only, but rather he needs a systematic methodical plan to follow, just like other Sharia sciences, so he goes to the points of knowledge and takes it from his family who owns his keys, then he is equipped with the science of interpretation by listening to Scholars and Specialist Reading.


The disciple to learn the interpretation of the Noble Quran progresses through a number of levels until he masters this knowledge, and these levels are explained as follows:


level one:

This level includes firstly learning to read and mastering the Noble Quran, then developing the linguistic outcome by learning the grammar of the Arabic language in grammar and morphology, and the ability to understand the readable speech and derive the required benefit from it, and then move on to the stage of memorizing the meanings of the vocabulary from any dictionary of the meanings of the Quran, then reading a book introductions Tafsir, as the introduction to interpretation by Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah.


Second Level:

This is after completing the first level At the second level, the student moves to read and studying books written in the sciences of the Quran. Such as the book “Investigations in the Sciences of the Quran” by Dr. Manna Al-Qattan, and then a study of the curricula of the commentators from the book of Tafsir and the commentators by Dr. Muhammad Hussein Al-Dhahabi.


Then study rhetoric from the rhetoric books Such as the book of clear rhetoric, studying grammar from one of his easy books such as the book of clear grammar, studying morphology, then reading in books of interpretation Such as Kitab Al-Facilitation of the Science of Download by Ibn Jouzi, and with it other books such as the Book of Vocabulary of Words of the Quran by Al-Ragheb Al-Isfahani, and The Dictionary of Language Standards by Ibn Faris.


The third level:

The learner begins at this level with expansion and diligence and begins by collecting the sayings of the commentators and comparing and weighing them. It begins with extensive reading and study of books written in the sciences of the Quran. As a book, Manahel Al-Irfan Al-Zarqawi, and Itqan Al-Burhan by Dr. Fadl Abbas, and in parallel with that the study of the rules of interpretation and weighting.


He can study the book of rules of interpretation by Dr. Khaled Al-Sabt, and reading in the books of the miracles of the Quran as well. Such as the book of elucidation in the miracles of the Quran by Dr. Salah al-Khalidi, and books of objective interpretation, mastery of language expressions, grammar, rhetoric, mastery of the science of meanings, knowledge of the science of readings, comparison and tuning between them.


The book of publication can be read in the ten readings of Ibn al-Jazari, and books of jurisprudence and science must be studied with its origins so that the interpreter does not fall into the errors of jurisprudential deductions, including the book of the Compiler of the Rulings of the Quran by Imam al-Qurtubi, and that the interpreter is informed and connected to the natural sciences, such as astronomy, medicine, and sciences Land and the like, in order to raise the level of its culture; Because the Quran deals with many topics in culture.


How do I learn the interpretation of the Quran?

The science of interpretation of the Noble Quran is the science of understanding and analyzing the meanings and purposes of the noble Quran verses.


In order to reach this position and this skill of interpretation, you must be aware that the conditions for this are:


·         Sincerity in this knowledge is Allah Almighty since it is a science that requires clarification of the purpose of the Quran text for people and its statement about Allah, so whoever is not sincere will not be faithful in clarifying the Quran intent for people.

·         Knowledge of all the sciences of the Quran is from the knowledge of the copyist and the abrogated text of the Quran, the problem, the arbitrator, the similar, the absolute, and others.

·         Knowledge of the causes and occasions for the revelation of verses, so you cannot interpret a verse without knowing the cause and circumstance of its revelation.

·         Knowledge in the Arabic language and its arts, for without knowledge in Arabic you will not be able to interpret the miraculous Arab Quran.


From here we conclude that this knowledge requires a person who is full of knowledge and all Islamic sciences, and therefore the science of exegesis is a science demanded by specialists and not all people, as it is in the jurisprudence of worship, which is an individual obligation on every Muslim and Muslim woman, while the interpretation of the Quran is a sufficient obligation if he rises It contains a group of Muslims enough to explain to people the meaning of the Holy Quran.

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