The easiest way to memorize the Holy Quran

Praise be to God and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and on his family and companions. This method is characterized by the strength of memorization and firmness, and the speed of memorization and completion of the seal of the Koran quickly. This method, with one-sided representation of Surah al-Jumu’ah, reads as follows: 1 – The first verse reads twenty times: “Praise be to God in the heavens and in the earth, the holy and wise dear King.” 2. The second verse reads twenty times: “He is the one who sent an illiterate messenger from them, reciting their signs to them, and giving them a book, and teaching them the book.” 3 – The third verse reads twenty times: (And others of them when they follow them, which is dear and wise). 4 – The fourth verse reads twenty times: (That is the favor of God, whoever wills and the great favor). 5 – read these four from the beginning to the end to link them twenty times. 6. read verse twenty-fifth time: {such as those who carried the Torah and then did not carry it like the donkey carrying books such as evil people who deny the revelations of Allah, and Allah does not guide the unjust people}. 7. The sixth verse reads twenty times: “Say, O ye who have guided, if ye have claimed that ye are guardians of God, without men, ye shall die if ye die.” 8 – The seventh verse reads twenty times: (and never wish for what you gave their hands and God is aware of the oppressors). 9 – verse twenty-eight times read: such as (Say that the death, which you flee from, it is meeting you and then you return to the world of the absence and the testimony). 10 – read from the fifth verse to the eighth verse: twenty times to link them. 11 – read from the first verse to the eighth verse: twenty times to master this face. Thus, this method is committed in every way to all the Koran and does not exceed in one day to save more than the price of lest you more than preserved Veltvt conservation. If I want to save a new face tomorrow, how do I do? – If you want to save the other face the next day before you save the new face the way I mentioned to you, read from the first face to the last twenty times to be saved the previous face firmly, and then move to save the new face the way you referred to. How to combine conservation and review? – Do not memorize the Koran without revision, so if you memorize the Koran face to face until the seal of the Koran, and you want to refer to what you found and found yourself forgotten what you saved, and the best way to combine memorization and revision. And the Koran section you have three sections every ten parts section, if you save a day, see four aspects to save ten parts, if you memorize ten parts, stop a full month of review, and each day reviewed eight aspects. – After a month of review Start in the rest of the reservation save one or two sides depending on the ability, and review eight aspects until you save twenty parts If you save twenty parts, stop saving for two months to review the twenty parts, each day reviewed eight aspects, if two months have passed since the review, start Memorize every day one or two faces according to ability, and review eight aspects until you finish memorizing the whole Quran. – If you finish memorizing the Koran, see the first ten parts on their own for a month, every day half-part, and then move to twenty part for a month, each day half-part, and read from the first ten parts eight aspects, and then proceed to review the last ten of the Koran period A month each day is half part with eight aspects of the first ten parts, and eight faces of twenty parts. [Asharq Al-Awsat] How can I review the entire Quran if I have completed this review? – Start reviewing the Koran in full, every day two parts, to repeat it three times every day and be in every two weeks seal the Koran in full review. In this way, in a year, you have mastered the whole Quran perfectly, and do it for a whole year. * What do I do after years of memorizing the Quran? After one year of mastery of the Koran and revise it, let your daily party of the Koran until your death is the party of the Prophet peace be upon him has been the party of the Quran seven, ie, every seven days seal the Koran, said Aws ibn Huthaifa God’s mercy: I asked the companions of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him -How do you party the Quran? They said: three fences, five fence, seven fence, nine fence, eleven sura, and the Party of the joint from Q to seal. Narrated by Ahmad. – In the first day read from (Surat Al-Fatiha) to the end of (Surat An-Nisa) On the second day: Read (Surat Al-Maida) to the end (Surat Al-Tawba) On the third day: Read from (Surat Yunus) to the end (Surat Al-Nahl) On the day The fourth reading from (Al-Isra) to the end of (Al-Furqan) On the fifth day: Read from (Al-poets) to the end of (Al-Yassin) On the sixth day: Read from (Al-Safat) to the end of (Al-Hujrat) On the seventh day: Read From (Surat Q) to the end (Surat Al – Nas). – The party of the Prophet peace be upon him unanimously scholars in their words (my mouth eagerly). Each letter of these two words is the beginning of the party of the Prophet peace be upon him every day, the letter Alfa in saying (my mouth) symbol of Surat Al-Fatiha indicates that his party on the first day starts from Surat Al-Fatihah, and the letter M in their saying (my mouth) indicates that The beginning of his party on the second day starts from (Surat Al Maida), and the letter Y in their words (my mouth) indicates that the beginning of his party on the third day starts from (Surat Yunus), and the letter B in their saying (eagerly) indicates that the beginning of his party on the fourth day starts Surah (the children of Israel), which is also called (Al-Isra), and the letter Shin in saying (eagerly) indicates that the beginning of his party on the fifth day starts from ( DONC), and the letter waw in saying (eagerly) indicates that the beginning

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