How to memorize the Holy Quran

Quran Scholars defined the Quran as the word of God – the Almighty – home to his servant and Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him, miraculous shortest Surah, devoted to reciting letters and meanings, which begins with the words of God: (Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds), [1] (Of Paradise and people), [2] There is no doubt that the preservation of the Koran several fruits come to his keeper, if his recitation descends the status of worship to God Almighty, it is preserved as well, and repeat it in order to install it by heart is also in the place of worship, Allah Almighty, the miracle of Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the bumper The first of the sources of Islamic legislation, memorizing the Koran is a Sunnah followed, and a great benefit for its owner, has saved the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – the Quran, and urged Muslims after him to memorize and read and recite and work, so memorizing the Koran of the most important There are many general rules for those who want to memorize the Holy Quran to follow it, as it facilitates it, and appointed him, God willing, and General guidelines on how to memorize the Holy Quran M: [4] The sincerity of intention to God; there is no doubt that the key to the acceptance of any work, the secret of success is that it will be directed and pure to God Almighty alone, so that the Muslim is not who wants the satisfaction of one God only. Beginning to memorize at a young age; conservation at a young age such as engraving in stone proved what is, and closer to remember after the passage of many years, although the understanding may be modest for children at the beginning of years, but it will increase during the years, and will understand the human when it grows what he preserved at a young age. Choosing the right time for memorization; the best times for memorization and fixation is the time of witchcraft, where the mind is clear and away from confusion and chaos, memorizing dawn is better than all other times, as well as keeping hunger better than memorizing satiety and satiety. Choosing the right place for preservation; the place arranged with little furniture or distractions better than the place where the furniture and people are crowded; the reader is preoccupied with what they read, and may waste time busy with what is around. The link between verses using tone and intonation; the elders and those who used to memorize the Koran explained that memorization with the rules of intonation has better results for the Hafiz student.Consideration of reading, including tide, ghanen, and others, gives the brain more room to receive words and letters, which entrenches the memorization better. Maintaining the memorization of one copy of the Koran; so as not to vary the order of pages and verses on the preserver, Vichush it memorized, and forget the places of verses and fence, Visht mind after memorization and perfection. The correct reading is the first of the memorization; for those who want to memorize the Quran to understand this, he continues to recite when mastered elders correct his recitation of the Koran, and then proceed to memorize if he wants, after reassuring his heart to complete the correct recitation free of the clear melody. Using the link between verses, the search for the interrelationship between the verses and their rings and keys, and so on, is one of the most important methods for those who memorize the Koran to follow, it facilitates memorization and confirmation, it is easy for him to review after a while when he has organized in his mind in a certain order linked when memorizing. Repetition; repetition of the most important commandments for the storage and conservation of conservation, some elders recommend his students to repeat the memorization fifty times, some of them eighty, and others, and that is intended to entrench conservation in the mind as long as possible, as the preserver does not want to memorize for a week or a month, but saves The book of God – Almighty – throughout the life, so it needs to be repeated until the words in place, and prove, and remember them whenever he wants to. Maintaining regular conservation; regular conservation arranges brain cells, activates cells, and prepares to meet a certain amount each period according to habituation if man organizes things to preserve it better than chaotic conservation without a clear time plan. Focus on the similarities; by linking them to a specific place, or a certain word, so that they settle in the mind, and memorized without keeping confused between the two positions each time it is read. Associate the conservation with its application in practice; and that the Hafiz commitment to the orders of God, obey him, and avoid sin and intentions. Permanent revision; the preserver of the Holy Qur’an has to pledge it, and repeat it over the days and times, and does not park to memorize it, and stands when he achieves the conclusion in the preservation, it is to memorize the whole Koran to develop a plan for daily review of him, as far as possible with him, and does not leave the book of God Without a treaty and study. The virtue of memorizing the Holy Qur’an The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) wanted to teach his companions and all Muslims the virtue of memorizing the Holy Quran and the status of its keeper. He did not leave a position in which this could be instilled unless he did it. The imam in prayer is the most memorized worshiper, and even in the grave when the burial was presented by the Prophet – peace be upon him – who was the most memorized of the Koran, and this is a clear statement of the virtue of the Holy Quran to those who are before God and the Prophet There are other advantages that Hafez al-Quran also enjoys, Nha: [5] Keep the Koran is the Day of Resurrection with the noble angels trip sons. The Holy Quran is presided over by others in matters of religion and world, in the Imamate, the Emirate, the Shura, and so on. Hafez Quran is one of the people of God and his own. Hafez Quran survives burning with fire.

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