Islamic science part 17

‘Allah is All-Knowing, All-Seeing 
Allah is All-Knowing. 
Allah knows what is in the heavens. He knows the 
secrets and what is more deeply hidden. He knows 
what is in our hearts. He is the Creator. How should He 
not know? 
He knows what is in the 
seven heavens and what is 
between them and what is 
beneath them. He knows 
what is beneath the surface of the land. He knows 
what is in the depths of the oceans. He knows the point 
of growth of every tree and every tree that grows! 
He knows the place where every 
leaf will fall and all the grains of sand. 
He knows the weights of all the 
mountains. He knows the measures of all the oceans. 
He knows the actions of His servants and their secret 
He knows the breaths they breathe and the words 
they speak. 
He knows everything. Nothing of this is hidden from 
Allah knows what is in our hearts. 
He knows our secrets. 
Allah knows what we do in the day. 
He knows what we do at night. 
Allah’s knowledge covers everything. 
Allah is All-Seeing. He sees the things we do. 
Allah sees His servants. He sees the things they do. He 
is Aware of everything. 
Read the following passage and then answer the 
questions that follow. 
One morning, Grandfather Salman called his four grandchildren 
over. He gave them a date each and asked them to eat it where 
no one would be able to see them. After a half-hour they 
returned. He asked them one by one if they had found a good 
hiding-place to eat their dates. All except Ahmad said, ‘No!’ 
Someone said he had hidden behind the sofa, the other behind 
the curtain and another under the bed. When Grandfather 
asked Ahmad why he had not eaten the date, he said that he 
could not find any place where he could hide from Allah. 
Grandfather was pleased with Ahmad and gave him another 
date to enjoy. 
1 . Where would you have hidden to eat the date? 

  1. Ahmed did not eat his date. Why? 


  1. What do you learn about Allah from this story? 


  1. Fill in the blanks. 

1 . Allah knows what is in our ……………. 

  1. He knows all the grains of  ………….

Iman – The Faith of a Muslim 
Iman is an Arabic word. It means faith. Faith 
means complete trust in someone. It means if you 
have faith in someone, you believe in him with all your 
heart, and you do not have any doubt about it. Doubt 
and faith are two opposite things. If you have doubt in 
something, you believe that it might not be true. 
Iman is a state in which the heart accepts the truth 
and lives by it. 
The lips and the tongue declare the truth, and the 
limbs carry out what is required of the truth. 
Faith (Iman) is light. Doubt is darkness. 
A Muslim has faith (Iman) in: 
1 . Allah, 

  1. His Angels, 


  1. His Books, 


  1. His Messengers, 


  1. The Day of Judgement, and 


  1. Divine Destiny – in the truth that everything good 

or bad comes from Allah. 
Chapter 4 / 
Iman – The Faith of a Muslim 
questions in the grid on the next page. 
1 . is an Arabic word. It means faith. 

  1. Faith means complete in someone. 


  1. Iman is , doubt is darkness. 


  1. The and the tongue declare the Truth. 


  1. A Muslim has faith in the of Judgement. 


  1. Doubt and are two opposite things. 


  1. Everything good or bad comes from . 


  1. The carry out what is required of the Truth. 


  1. A Muslim has Faith in: 



  1. His A 


  1. His B 


  1. His M 


  1. The D of J 



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