Islamic science part 16

Allah is the Creator. 

He made everything. He made everything out of 
nothing. He made the sky. He made the earth. 
He put the sun, the moon 
and the stars in the sky. 
He made the land and 
the oceans. 
He made the 
plants and trees and 
flowers of different 
colours. He made the fish to 
swim in the water and birds to fly in the sky. He made 
all kinds of animals – big elephants, lions, tigers, 
camels, horses, cats ar * 
What a wonderful world Allah has made! 
He created the seas, the rivers, the hills, the 
mountains and the valleys. He sends down water from 
the sky. There is no one equal to Him. Allah is One. 
How did Allah make everything? He made 
everything out of nothing. When Allah intends a thing, 
His Command is just to say to it, ‘Be’ and it is! 
Is there anyone on earth who can make things 
without using anything? What do we call it when things 
are made without using anything? We call it ‘CREATE’. 
Who made everything without using anything? Allah! 
Only Allah can create. Nobody else can create 
as Allah creates! Not even a fly! Not even a mosquito! 
Allah created everything for us. 
Should we not be thankful to Him for all His gifts? 
Certainly, we should! And we should say: 
al-Hamdulillah Rabb El-‘Aalameen 
Praise be to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds. 
Allah is out of nothing 
Allah made everything for Worshiping Allah
Allah made fish to swim in the water 
Chapter 2
Allah is the Creator (2) 
Allah is the Creator. 
He is One and Alone. He has no match. He has no 
partner. He has no adviser. He has no assistant. He 
created everything alone. It is Allah Who is holding the 
sky aloft. It is Allah Who is keeping the earth in place. 
He has created all creatures. He has fixed their 
spans of life. No one can bring forward what He has 
postponed! No one can postpone what He has 
brought forward. 
He created man! He created everything. But He is 
independent of His Creation! 
He supplies food but He does not need to be fed. 
He gives protection but He does not need to be 
protected. All created beings are dependent on Him 
for all their needs. 
He created seven heavens one above another. 
He created the earth. Everyone and everything in the 
heavens and the earth need His help. 
In the creation of the earth and the sky, and the 
coming of the day and night, one after the other, and 
the ships, which sail through th sea, and the water, 
which Allah sends down from the sky – there are signs 
for people who think. Everything we have is from Allah. 
Allah makes us laugh and makes us happy. He gives 
and He withholds. We should, therefore, worship Him 
Alone! We should ask only Allah for help! 
1 . Creator, the Allah is 

  1. does fed. Allah not need to be 


  1. one above created Allah heavens another, seven 

Are these statements true or false? 
1 . Everything we have is from Allah. 

  1. Allah, too, can sometimes forget. 


  1. We should only turn to Allah for help. 


  1. Allah created the earth out of nothing. 


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