Chapter 27 /Kindness to Parents 
After being obedient to Allah and the Messenger of 
Allah (), a Muslim must be obedient to his parents. 
He should be polite and helpful to them. He should 
avoid doing things that will irritate them and try to 
be kind to them. 
A Muslim should obey his parents and do things 
they tell him to do! 
If your parents tell you to brush your teeth, to do 
your homework, to wash yourself, or to bring 
something from the kitchen, you should quickly do 
as you are told. 
Once a man asked the Prophet (), ‘Which action 
is most beloved to Allah?’ The Prophet () replied, 
‘The salah at its correct time.’ 
The man then asked him about the next best 
action, and the Prophet () said, ‘Kindness to 
Chapter 27 /Kindness to Parents 
If you are kind to your parents, then they will be 
happy with you and will love you. If your parents are 
happy with you, then Allah will also be happy with 
you and will love you. 
Chapter 27/Kindness to Parents 

  1. Whot will you do. . . 

1 . if your mother is busy in the kitchen and your baby 
brother is troubling her? 

  1. a) I will start fighting with my brother. 


  1. b) I will take my brother to the room and play with him so 

that my mother can do her work. 

  1. c) I will also start troubling my mother. 


  1. if you are reading a book and your older sister asks for 

a glass of water? 

  1. a) I will tell her to get it herself. 


  1. b) I will give it to her so that she will be happy with me. If I 

make her happy Allah will love me. 

  1. c) I will tell her to wait. 

Chapter 27/Kindness to Parents 

  1. if your father tells you to do your homework 

before you play with your toys? 

  1. a) I will tell him to stop telling me what to do. 


  1. b) I will act as if I did not hear him. 


  1. c) I will do what he tells me because I want him to love me. 


  1. Complete the following Hadeeth. 

Once a man asked the Prophet ( ^ ) about the action which 
is most loved by Allah, and the Prophet (^) replied, ‘The 
at its correct time.’ The man then asked about the 
next best action, and the Prophet ( ^ ) said, ‘ 
to parents’. 
chapter 28/ Courtesies 
yawning. Yawning is from 
Satan. Try to cover your mouth 
and stifle your yawn as much as you can. 
If you yawn, do not do yawn loudly but quietly. 
Do not speak while yawning. 
Our Prophet () told us to put 
our hand over our mouth while 
Sneezing is a blessing from 
Allah. You should not try to stifle 
a sneeze. There is no need to 
prevent it. When about to 
sneeze, you should turn your 
face away or cover your mouth and nose with your 
hand or handkerchief. This will soften the noise and 
will not irritate people around you. If you must blow 
your nose, do so quickly, turning your head to one 
Chapter 28 / Everyday Courtesies 
Sneezing is a blessing from Allah; therefore, you 
should say: (Al-Hamdu lillaah) on sneezing. 
When a Muslim sneezes and praises Allah, those 
around him should reply by saying:(Yarhamuk-Allaah) 
Saying salaam: 
Greeting Muslims by saying jjide 
(As-salaamu alaikum) is an act of kindness and courtesy. A Muslim should greet both the Muslims he knows and those whom he does not know. When 
you go out of your home or return, you must greet 
the members of your family by saying 
(As-salaamu alaikum.) Remember that the nearest people to Allah are those who say As-Salaam first. 
Saying As-Salaam should come before talking. You 
should always try to speak good. Either speak good 
or keep silent. If you keep silent you will remain safe. 
Chapter 28/ Everyday Courtesies 
Do not talk for a long time without remembering 
Allah. Talking much without remembering Allah is a 
sign of the hardness of the heart. Always speak the truth. Do not tell lies. Speak clearly. Speak in such a 
way that all those who listen to you understand you. 
‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’: 
‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ should become a vital part 
of your life. Always say: ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’ 
(Jazaakallaahu khairan) for any favor 
or courtesy. 
Some people reserve ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ for those outside the family. This is not good. You should always try to be polite to one another. 
Remember that the person who does not thank people does not thank Allah. 
Above all, always thank Allah for His gifts. 
Chapter 28 / Everyday Courtesies 
Try to cover your mouth and 
Cover your mouth while your yawn. 
A Muslim should say I to both he knows and those he does not know. 

  1. Do not talk for a long time without 

5 Always remember to thank Allah for His gifts Down 

  1. When you return home, say to your 


  1. Always speak the truth. Do not tell 


  1. Saying ‘Please’ and ‘         ’ should become a part of your life. 

Chapter 29 /General Manners 
We are the guardians of this 
earth. We are responsible for 
every part of it. We should not 
damage, pollute or destroy it. 
Do you know what is 
pollution? Simply, pollution means ‘something in the 
wrong place’. 
Allah created the Earth. It is our duty to look after it and protect it. 
Litter in your bedroom! Litter around your house! 
Litter in your school! Litter in your classroom! Dirt in 
the toilets! Dirt in the parks! Litter in the garden! Litter 
on the beaches! There are many ways in which each one of us can look after Allah’s Earth. If we keep our places clean, Allah will be happy with us and reward us. 
Chapter 29 /General Manners 
These are some ways in which you can keep your 
surroundings clean: 

  • Always place trash in the dustbin. Place things for recycling such as paper, 

empty bottles, and cans in the recycling center. Do not litter! 

  • Keep your things in their proper places. Do not throw them around! 


  • Keep your house clean. 


  • Keep the place around your house clean. 


  • Keep your school clean. 


  • Keep the place around your school clean. 


  • Use water carefully. It is a gift from Allah. Turn off water taps properly. Do not leave them dripping. Turn them off even if it wasn’t you who left them dripping. Allah will reward you for your action


  • Keep the toilet floors clean. Nobody likes to use a dirty toilet. When you use the toilet, leave it clean

Chapter 29 
General Manners 
Remember Allah loves beauty! 
Allah loves people who keep themselves clean and 
Pick up any litter you see around you even if it was not you who threw it there. Allah sees what you do and will reward you for keeping His Earth clean. 
A Muslim should always keep himself clean and tidy. A dirty body, dirty clothes, dirty hair, dirty teeth , and dirty feet are all unpleasant sights, and may even give a bad smell. They offend and displease other people. Do you like to sit close to someone dirty? Brush your teeth after meals, before you go to bed and after you get up. 
Clean clothes, clean white teeth are pleasant sights! Keep yourself clean all the time, and others will like being close to you. Allah will love you if you are clean and keep your surroundings clean. 
1. Who does the Earth belong to? 

  1. Look around you and write one way in which you can keep Allah’s Earth clean. 


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