Chapter 25 /Etiquette of Going out 
When you leave your home, say this prayer: 
Bismillaah, tawakkaltu ‘alallaah, wa laa hawla wa 
laa quwwata illaa billaah. 
In the name of Allah; I place my trust in Allah, and there 
is neither power, nor might except with Allah. 
Then walk with ease. 
Do not walk too fast or too slowly. 
When Allah’s Messenger ( ) 
walked, He walked with ease. 
When he turned to address somebody, he turned 
his whole body completely. 
Do not run on the road or pavement. Walk on the 
pavement. Take long steps and place your feet 
firmly on the ground. 
If you find anything harmful on your way, put it 
Chapter 25 
aside. Allah will reward you for your good deed. 
Allah’s Messenger ( |§: ) said: 
“A man once stepped on a thorn on the road and 
said to himself that he would uproot the thorny plant 
so that it would never again do harm to any other 
Muslim. Allah, therefore, forgave him his sins.” 
Do not stay out needlessly. If you come across 
Muslims on your way say: to them. 
The young should say salaam to the old and the 
passer-by to the one sitting. 
When you come back, enter your house saying 
(As-salaamu alaikum) to your family. 
Chapter 25/Etiquette of Going out 

  1. Answer these questions. 

1 . What should you be careful about while walking? 
While walking. I should be careful: 
1 . to walk on the 

  1. not to walk too fast or too 


  1. to remove anything from the way. 


  1. to say Ls a if I meet another 

1 . The young person or the old person? 
The person. 
2.The walking person or the sitting person? 
The person. 
Chapter 25 /Etiquette of Going out 

  1. Memorize. 


Learn the du’aas for leaving and entering your house. 
Remember to say them next time. 
Bismillaah, tawakkaltu alallaah, wa laa hawla wa 
laa quwwata illaa billaah. 
In the name of Allah; I place my trust in Allah, and there is neither power nor might except with Allah. 
Bismillaahi walajnaa, wa bismillaahi Kharajnaa, wa 
‘alaa rabbinaa tawakkalnaa 
In the name of Allah we enter, and in the name of Allah 
we leave, and in our Lord we put our trust. 
Chapter 26 /Etiquette of Sleeping 
Before going to bed shake out your blanket. Cup 
your hands together, blow gently into them and 
then recite Surat al-lkhlaas, Surat al-Falaq and Surat 
an-Naas. Then wipe your hands over your body as 
far as you can reach, starting with your head. Do 
this three times, as the Prophet Muhammad ( ^ ) 
used to do it. Then lie down on your right side and 
Bismik-Allaahumma amootu wa ahyaa. 
In your name, O Allah, I die and I live. 
When Prophet Muhammad ( ) went to bed, he would sleep on his right side and place his right hand under his right cheek. 
Chapter 26 / Etiquette of Sleeping 
Do not sleep lying flat on your face or on your stomach. Do not cover your face with the blanket even if it is cold. Keep your face uncovered so that you can breathe well. 
Go to bed early so that you can wake up early in the morning. Make a habit of getting up early so that you can pray Salat-ul-Fajr on time. 
On waking up say: 
Al-Hamdu lillaahilladhee ahyaanaa ba’da maa 
amaatanaa wa ilaihin-Nushoor. 
All praise is for Allah Who has brought us to life otter causing us to die, and to Him is the Resurrection. 
Chapter 26 /Etiquette of Sleeping 
1. I must sleep on my stomach. 

  1. I must sleep in a clean bed. 


  1. It’s OK to cover my face with a blanket while sleeping. 


  1. I recite Surat al-lkhlaas, Surat al-Falaq 

and Surat An-Naas before sleeping. 

  1. I go to bed early. 

Chapter 26 / Etiquette of Sleeping 

  1. What I must be careful about. 

What are the things you must be careful about while sleeping? 
1 must sleep on a 
1 must remember 
(untidy / clean) 
while 1 is in bed. 
1 must lie down on my 
(Allah / my friends) 
1 should not lie on my 
(right / left) 
1 should never cover my 
(right side / stomach) 
a blanket. 
(feet / face) 
Learn the do’s for sleeping and waking up. Remember to recite them whenever you go to bed and whenever you wake up. 

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