Teaching the Quran Tajweed for beginners, God, may He be glorified and exalted, sent down the Holy Qur’an to His worshipers, made it comfortable for them, and an answer to all their questions.

And he made his readers a special place in his paradise, and he instructed them to recite it and recite it because he would come as an intercessor for them on the Day of Resurrection.

But most people did not master the correct way of recitation, taking into account the provisions of intonation.

That is why we have devoted this article to explaining the consonant rulings of nun, tannin and mim.

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Teaching the Quran Tajweed for beginners
Teaching the Quran Tajweed for beginners

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The consonant nun and the tinwin

The consonant nun is a letter from the Arabic alphabet, which comes in any syllable of the word, and is constant in pronunciation and writing.

While the tinween noun is static, it is added at the end of the word, and differs in pronunciation and waqf, and it consists of two openings or two or two fractions.

The static nun

It comes in verbs, nouns, and letters, while the tanun comes only in nouns.

The consonant nun is fixed, whether in the endowment or the wasl, while the tanun is replaced by the alif by two movements in the case of the waqf, and it is pronounced only in the wasl.


Manifestation in language means statement, and in the terminology it is the

output of letters from their exits without vocalization, and it is called

annotation, because you utter the letter appearing as if you are issuing its

voice from your throat.

Its six letters were collected in the first of the following words:

(My brother, this is a flag that he possessed not losers) and the accusative is

with the consonant nun if the letter n is followed by one of the diacritics in

the same word, or in two words.

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