Rules for Tajweed the Quran, Tajweed rules are divided into many types, and this is explained in the following:

Aggravating provisions of the meme and the noon:

Ghannah is obligatory in the aggravating meme and noun in the case of the connection and the waqf, and whether it falls in the middle or at the end of the word, and the amount of the song is two movements.

Agitation provisions:

It is the introduction of a consonant letter with a vowel after it, by deleting the consonant and tightening the vowel, and it is divided into three types, which are as follows:

Rules for Tajweed the Quran
Rules for Tajweed the Quran

Blurring of homologues:

It is that the two successive letters are united in the way out of the mouth, and are united in the adjective as well, whether they are signed in one word or in two consecutive words.

Inclusion of congeners:

It is that the two successive letters are united at the exit from the mouth, and differ in some qualities, and that is limited to seven letters, namely:

The letters Taa with Ta, Ta’a with Ta, Dal with Ta, Ta with Dal, Thaal with Dha, and Ba with Mem.

Slurring of those in close proximity:

It is the convergence of the two successive letters in the outlet and the adjective, and it is limited to two letters, namely: the lam with the ra and the qaf with the kef

Rulings on glowing and laminating:

Speaking linguistically aggravation is fattening and thickening, and idiomatically:

it is a state of strength and fatness that attaches the letter when pronouncing it, and the mouth fills with its echo, as for thinning in the language is slimming, and idiomatically:

a state of tenderness and thinness that catches the letter when pronouncing it, so that the mouth does not fill with its echo.

Rulings of letter exits and their attributes:

The number of exits for letters is seventeen, and the origins of the exits go back to five main exits, which are:

The hollow, the throat, the tongue, the lips, and the gill. As for the characteristics of the letters, they are useful for distinguishing between the common letters in the one output.

It is mentioned that the most famous of them are nineteen adjectives, which are:

Whisper, loudness, looseness, severity, between looseness and intensity, elongation, superiority, openness, clenching, gnawing, blows, whistling, restlessness, tide, softness, elongation, deviation, pervasiveness and repetition.

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