How do I learn to read the Quran Tajweed, the Noble Quran is the last book of God Almighty, and it is the sacred book of Muslims that was revealed to the Messenger of God Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – to be a mercy for both worlds.

This great book was revealed in the Arabic language, as the Holy Quran indicated itself in the Almighty’s saying: (Indeed, we have sent it down as an Arabic Quran, so that you may be sane).

The Noble Quran was revealed in this illustrated language to honor the great Arabic language and to perpetuate it forever and ever, until the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula who sent them – may God prayers and peace be upon him – sent the final message of Islam.

How do I learn to read the Quran Tajweed
How do I learn to read the Quran Tajweed

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How do I learn to read the Quran Tajweed

For non-Arab Muslims

  • They are obliged to study the Arabic language completely in order to understand the words of God Almighty, and certainly in order to be able to recite and worship it.
  • Among the features of the Arabic language is that it is a musical language par excellence. Her words can be repeated by anyone even if he is not speaking or speaking them.
  • Once the word and sentence is repeated to the listener’s ears, he can repeat part of it in a simple way.
  • With the increase in the repetition of the same sentence, he will be heard by another person who speaks the Arabic sentence well.
  • A non-Arab may memorize it and be able to repeat and memorize it on his own.
  • This is what many non-Arab Muslims did, who were able to memorize a few verses for the purposes of prayer and devotion.
  • As well as those who can read the Holy Quran only, without the rest of the texts of the Arabic language.

For Arabs who cannot read well

  • They have to build on the base they have.
  • Even if a person is weak in the Arabic language, he can build on what he has with only a little training and effort.
  • In order for the individual to learn to read the Quran well, he can seek the help of specialized teachers who have distinct methods in facilitating the reading of the Quran by Arabs who do not possess good language tools.
  • It is also possible to use electronic tools that help a Muslim learn to read the Noble Quran and pronounce its words very well.
  • These tools are widely available on even the simplest electronic devices, and on the Internet, for free.

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