Learn Tajweed the Holy Quran, reading the Holy Quran is never like reading an ordinary book; It has to be of a very high standard of quality, beauty, and glamor.

The regular reading of the Holy Quran never shows the great meanings of this book, which maimed people from east to west, and from north to south.

How to Learn Quran online

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Learn Tajweed the Holy Quran
Learn Tajweed the Holy Quran

How to learn to Tajweed the Quran

The science of Tajweed can be learned through a knowledgeable Sheikh in this section, who has mastered this art.

As the best way to learn this knowledge is by speaking and hearing the way the letters and words are pronounced in the Noble Quran.

There is no better method than this. Listening helps greatly in mastering intonation more than abstract study of examples and application.

Listening a lot to the great reciters of the Quran, especially the Egyptians, headed by the reciter Abd al-Basit, the Quran al-Husri, and others.

These reciters are better than others in degrees and degrees in terms of the

quality of reading and outputting the letters, but in terms of sound and its

beauty, it happened and there is no embarrassment.

You can use our site for what it contains, all these means greatly help to

learn this art, and master it better mastery.

Fortunately, these tools have become almost free, especially those sites

spread on the Internet that teach people what they want for free and

without charge.

Learn Quran Online

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