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  Quran tutors online, many want to memorize the Book of God and to be its companion in this world and the hereafter, and to learn the Quran from the greatest and most important of Sharia sciences.   The first thing that begins with memorizing the dear Quran is the most important of sciences. The Noble Quran has easy expressions, and its style is smooth. The Almighty said: (And the Quran has made it easy for us to mention it, so is there any contemplation)?  

Quran tutors online

The memorization of the Noble Quran needs to empty the times because Allah – glory is to HIM – is the one who says: (You will not obtain righteousness until you spend of what you love). Too much preoccupation in the world’s entertainment misses the Muslim a lot of good things, and the necessity of preserving the daily roses for memorizing and the daily roses for reading as well.   It came from the righteous predecessors that they used to extrapolate their memorization from the Quran as much as five verses and ten verses, and what is meant is that the one who desires to memorize must persist in a measure that does not detract from it and does not go beyond it to anyone else, and this amount of verses is determined by the conditions of all those who come to memorize. It differs according to the different persons, their abilities, conditions, and nature, and the basic principle in the matter of memorization is that a Muslim should not burden himself above her ability and energy.   Quran tutors online are one of the most important reasons for confirming memorization of verses from the Holy Quran, remembering memorization first and foremost, and in this sense, the Prophet, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him, says: Make a commitment to this Quran, so the one who has a soul in his hand is more fragile than a camel in its mind.  

The best times to memorize the Holy Quran

It is advisable for the Muslim to search for the most recent times and delay them to answer, such as supplication in the middle of the night, and after the prayers.   Cleansing the soul from sins and sins, and turning to Allah – Glory be to HIM – by seeking forgiveness from the defects attached to the soul from the reasons that help a Muslim invest his time in memorizing the Holy Quran and striving for the soul with strong determination, especially in the first place. The greater the determination and the stronger the will, the easier and easier it will be.  

The merit of memorizing the Holy Quran

It was not in vain that the scholars of the righteous ancestors were required to accept the education of boys in various Sharia sciences, such as Hadith and jurisprudence, until after they had completed memorizing the Holy Quran, and this predicted their awareness of the great merit and reward for memorizing it, and it can be said that the memories of the Noble Quran have many virtues and dignities.  

The best way to memorize the Holy Quran

The best way to memorize the Noble Quran is to repeat the memorized one when memorizing it, then repeat the revision in a constant daily amount, which was expressed by Imam Al-Bukhari – may Allah have mercy on HIM – who was one of the most accurate people when he was asked about the best way to memorize, as he answered:   “Addiction to sight”, and for memorizing and confirming the Holy Quran, the following steps can be followed. Hearing: Hearing the Quran verses to be memorized from a proficient reader is one of the best means to ensure that memorized words are controlled and to prepare the memory for memorization, especially since memorization by picking up the ear for the Holy Quran is better. From catching the eye to her, and therefore it is recommended to join one of memorization by memorization.  

The importance of memorizing the Holy Quran

Memorizing the Quran through Quran tutors while understanding its meanings is a matter that is required by Sharia law. Allah may He be glorified and exalted, has revealed the Quran in order to recite and manage its meanings, to act upon it, judge it among people, and to be called by creation, and to preach it or to warn, and this can only be done by While understanding the meanings of the Noble Quran, Ibn Abd al-Barr mentioned in Jami al-Bayan the first ranks and degrees of seeking knowledge is for the Quran to be memorized and understood, and he mentioned that what helps to understand its meanings must be learned.  

Benefits of memorizing the Holy Quran

A Muslim gains some benefits and skills when memorizing the Holy Quran, and as follows, some of them are explained: 1- Spending enjoyable moments in the company of the Noble Quran while memorizing it, through contemplating, understanding, and acting upon it. 2- Learn how to plan to achieve goals, and how to divide large goals into small ones, in addition to learning patience and not being in a hurry to obtain results. 3- Realizing that what counts is the quality and mastery of the work, not the speed of completion and the time spent on it. 4- Realizing the value of time, and how to use it for benefit.  

How to memorize the Holy Quran

One of the best ways to memorize is the cumulative method, and it can be between them as follows: Divide the page into five sections in each section, three lines, repeat reading the first section of the page to be memorized five to eleven times, in order to draw a fixed image in the mind, and bring it when needed.   Returns the three saved lines from five to eleven times. In the event that a mistake is found in memorizing a word or letter, all lines should not be repeated, but the wrong word must be repeated, and the word before it and after it five to eleven times until the tongue gets used to the position of weakness in memorization.   Save the second section of the page to be saved in the same way, then read the first and second sections together three times until the saved is linked to each other. Save the remaining sections of the page in the same way, and link each section with the one before it until the entire page is saved. See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog

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