Learn Quran online for adults

  learn Quran online for adults, the Noble Quran is the word of Allah Almighty and the divine text revealed to our master Muhammad, may Allah bless HIM and grant HIM peace, through the revelation of Gabriel, peace be upon him, and Muhammad, peace be upon him, is considered the last of the prophets and messengers, and is the divine miracle that Allah Almighty provided to the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, It is the primary source of Islamic law and belief that it is not substituted from other sources at all.   It is worth noting that the name of the Noble Quran is given to the words of Allah Almighty, and no one else is called that, and it includes 114 surahs, and it begins with Surat Al-Fatiha and ends with Surah Al-Nas, and it is correct to apply the word of the Quran to all the surahs and one verse since the meaning of the Quran in the origin is reading.  

learn Quran online for adults

Memorization is only proven when revising, and this matter is very important when memorizing the Noble Quran, and when memorizing the entire Book of Allah without resorting to revision inevitably will be forgotten. What follows is one of the best methods for preserving and reviewing the Book of Allah Almighty:   The division of the Noble Quran into three actions, the first from Surat Al-Baqarah to Surat Al-Tawbah, the second from Surat Yunus to Surat Al-Qasas, and the third from Surat Al-Ankabut to Surat Al-Nas.   When saving one page per day or two, four pages must be reviewed until 10 complete parts are memorized, and upon completion of the first section, you must move to the second section, then the third, and so on.   When starting to memorize the second section, it is necessary to review 8 pages per day of the first section.   Upon completion of the share of the second section of preservation, it is necessary to stop for a period of two months from preservation, then start reviewing the twenty parts of the archives, provided that 8 pages are reviewed daily.   At the end of the two-month period from stopping memorization, one must return to memorizing the third and last section, in addition to reviewing 8 pages per day from the first and second sections until their completion.   Upon completion of memorizing the entire Quran, it is necessary to proceed to review the first section of the three sections for a full month, and the memorization is in absentia at a rate of half a part per day, then review the second part of the three sections for another month in absentia at a rate of half a part per day, in addition to reviewing 8 pages of the first section by heart.   Upon completion and reaching the third part of the three sections, it must be reviewed for a full month in absentia, at the rate of half a part per day, in addition to reviewing one part per day from the first two sections.   Upon completion of memorization completely, two parts must be reviewed daily, with repeated reviews per day and night three times, and it is preferable to continue this matter at all times.  

Ways to fix the Quran for adults after memorizing it

The Sheikh reciter Ibrahim Al-Akhdar Al-Qayyim, the sheikh of the reciters of the Prophet’s Mosque, stated that the best way to establish memorizing the Noble Quran is in three stages, bearing in mind that this method is for the hafiz who completed memorizing the entire Quran and that this method in all its stages is by looking and sound in which the Muslim hears himself These stages are as follows:   The first Stage: In it the Muslim recites three parts of the Holy Quran in a loud voice in which he can hear himself, then he re-reads the same three parts daily for a month by looking from the Quran, and in the following month, he applies that to the three parts that follow, and so on to the last three parts, meaning that he needs to finish The first stage is ten months, during which he reads the thirty chapters in the Book of Allah Almighty with consideration.   The second Stage: This stage begins with reading the first three parts looking aloud in twenty days during which he hears himself, then repeating the command for the next three parts at the same time, and so on to the last three parts, meaning that every twenty days he recites three parts, and thus he will recite the entire Quran twenty times looking.   Third Stage: This stage begins with reading the first three parts due to a period of 15 days in which he hears himself, then the next three for a period of 15 days, and so on until he finishes the entire Quran, that is, he will recite the entire Quran 15 times given; The end result of the three stages is to recite the entire Quran 65 times during this period so that he can master it and be able to memorize it.  

The best ways to install memorizing the Holy Quran for adults

Sharia scholars believe that the best way to confirm memorizing the Noble Quran for adults is what Al-Bukhari said about the issue, may Allah have mercy on him. When he was asked about that, he said:   “I don’t know a better way to memorize than addiction to reading.” So if Allah blesses you with memorization, then ijtihad is through reading by looking, and reviewing it to memorize it in prayer and at other times, in addition to presenting memorization to those who control memorization among the reciters and other scholars. Get used to tiring work.   On the first day, he carries a certain amount, and he cannot bear more than that, but he will find himself on the following day and the following days that he will be able to bear many times this load, as his body has become accustomed and ready for that kind of hard work. As for the soul and the soul, it is the one that carries The hull.   The more the soul and the spirit strengthen the body, and vice versa, and this applies to memorization, so a person becomes accustomed to memorization, and the more he memorizes, the greater his ability to memorize.   See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog

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