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  learn Quran online with tajweed, Allah Almighty sent down the Noble Quran to his worshipers, made it comfortable for them, an answer to all their questions, made his readers a special place in his paradise, and commanded them to recite it and recite it because he will come as an intercessor for them on the Day of Resurrection, but most people do not master the correct recitation method Taking into account the rulings of intonation, therefore, we have devoted this article to explaining the consonantal rulings of nun, tawnn and mim.  

What are the rulings of intonation?

  The consonant noon and the Tanween The consonant nun is a letter from the Arabic alphabet, which comes in any of the syllables of the word, and is constant in pronunciation and writing, while Tennin is a consonant nun that comes plus at the end of the word, and differs in pronunciation and waqf, which is a form of two openings or two or two fractions.   The consonant noun comes in verbs, nouns, and letters, while the noun does not come except in nouns. The consonant nun is fixed, whether in the endowment or the wasl, while the tanun is replaced by the alif by two movements in the case of the waqf, and it is pronounced only in the wasl.   Noon and the provisions of the static Tanween Manifestation in language means a statement, and in the terminology, it is the output of letters from their exits without vocalization, and it is called annotation, because you utter the letter that appears as if you are issuing its voice from your throat, and its six letters are collected in the first of the following words:   (My brother, this is a flag that he has not lost) and the noun is with the consonant noun if the letter n is followed by a letter of the dashboard in the same word, or in two words, while it does not come with the nunin except in two words, and examples of it in both cases are:  
  • The hamza with the consonant noun, such as: (yanan), and with the tinween, such as: (everyone is safe).
  • Distraction with the static nun, such as: (among them) and with the Tanween, such as: (And every people has a guide).
  • Al-Ain with the static nun, such as: (softened), and with the tinween, such as: (Hearing, Knowing).
  • H, with the static nun, such as: (and slay), and with the tinween, such as: (All-Knowing, Wise).
  • Gin with the consonant noun, such as: (they will shake), and with the tinween, such as: (And Lord is Forgiving).
  • Khaa with the consonant nun, such as: (from disagreement) and with the tinween, such as: (knowledgeable, expert).

What is slurring?

Accumulation as a language means inserting something into something else, and in the convention it means that a consonant meets a vowel, and they become as one accented letter, and intonation is of two types, Genus Bhannah, meaning with a melodious voice pronouncement emerging from the nose, and its letters are the letters of the word (grow), and a genus without ghannah and its letters (L, R.), and examples of the two types are:   Ghunnah: (and whoever works), (from money), (from grace), (from guardian). Sluggishness without affliction: (From HIS Allah), (From Their Lord).  

What is a coup

Iqlab is a language that means turning something in and transforming it, while in the convention it means making a letter in place of another letter and pronouncing it, and it comes with a letter (b) only, where the nun or tanun is turned into being when it is followed by a letter (b), and examples of it are:
  • (Let’s tap the forelock).
  • (remote).
  • (Inform them).

What is concealment?

Concealment in language means concealment, which is in the convention pronouncing the letter between revealing and imposing while keeping the song on the nun or tanun, and its letters are fifteen, which is the beginning of the following words:   Describe in this way how serious a person has poisoned with good blood, increase in piety, but unjust, and examples of it are:
  • Support you.
  • To warn.
  • Scattered
  • Of you.
  • Save you.
  • Posted
  • And overturn.
  • Slush
  • peers.
  • Set off.
  • Go out.
  • you.
  • Agitated
  • You look.
  What are the rulings of a static Mim?   Verbal concealment: In it, the letter Meem and Ba are pronounced orally if the Ba’a is followed by the letter Mim, which is consonant in one word or in two words, whether it is an original meme such as the word (to pray to Allah), or an additional meme such as (with whom you are believers).   Compulsion is obligatory: The static meme, followed by a movable meme, is pronounced as a single taut one, such as: (You have what is on the earth).   Oral presentation: The consonant meme is pronounced if any letter of the spelling comes after it, except for Meem and Ba, and examples of it are: (adaman), (or command them), (correct).

What are the strict rulings on noon and Mim?

If either of these two letters is accented in the Noble Quran, they must be pronounced with two movements, meaning that they are pronounced for a period equal to the duration of raising and lowering the finger twice, and the resulting sound is emerging from the top of the nose.   See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog

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