Quran teaching for children

  Quran teaching for children, dear reader, childhood is the most important stage in a person’s life, and if you want to memorize the Holy Quran for your children, you have to start with them from childhood because the child at this stage has a great capacity for learning and motivation.   The Quran helps children to lighten their minds and their knowledge of the correct Islamic religion from a young age, and it helps them to distance themselves from the paths of dissolution, just as the Holy Quran comes as an intercessor for its owner on the Day of Resurrection. Livelihood, health, and age. Memorizing the Quran also helps in increasing children’s understanding and developing the linguistic and spelling aspect.  

How can a child memorize the Quran?

Ways to memorize children the Koran?

  Dear reader, you can specify specific days of the week to memorize your child verses from the Holy Quran, then repeat the memorized text throughout the remaining days.   And it is necessary to start with small surahs, so we find many children start memorizing the Noble Quran from Juz Amma because it is easier for them, and care must be taken to explain the meanings of the surahs to the child so that he has the necessary awareness and helps this to memorize, but the explanation is in a simple way so that he can comprehend.  

Tips for memorizing the Quran for children

Ways to memorize children of the Holy Quran

In the beginning, the child must be motivated to stimulate the Holy Quran by explaining the benefits of that on him and the blessing that will be returned to him, in addition to material and moral stimulation and giving him gifts, especially after memorizing each surah or every part.   Diversity in the method used to find out which method is more beneficial to the child and so that the child does not get bored.   The participation of the mother and father in the child’s memorization of the Holy Quran, so that he feels their interest, and the parts that have been memorized must be recited continuously.   It is preferable to follow the child with an elder to teach him the provisions of reading and for further follow-up.   Attention to preparing a schedule for keeping with the child so that he adheres to it.   Participation in the competitions held for children in memorizing the Holy Quran, in order to encourage the child.   Calm the child with his own Quran.   You can have a family party in order to honor the child when he memorizes part of the Holy Quran.   Tell your child stories from the Holy Quran in an easy way.   Preparing competitions at home between children about some of the events mentioned in the Holy Quran.   You have to purchase educational CDs for a child, and you can also obtain them from the Internet.   Recording the child some readings to encourage him, because hearing his voice after that gives him the feeling that he is able to memorize the entire Holy Quran.   Encouraging the child’s participation in religious ceremonies when reciting the Quran, whether in school or at home.   You have to listen to the child telling one of the stories of the Holy Quran.   I care to answer the child’s questions about the Holy Quran.  

Important methods for memorizing the Holy Quran for children


The first method

There are several books to teach the Noble Quran to children at a young age, such as the book of Noor al-Bayan, the book of al-Qaida al-Nuraniyah, and the book of Noor al-Bayan, which are books that help in teaching the Quran with reading and writing through the words of the Holy Quran so the child becomes able to read it after that without a teacher and can memorize the Holy Quran.  

The second method

The child must be physically stimulated, so when he saves a dream, give him a gift and let him know that if he completes memorizing specific surahs, you will give him more rewards.  

The third method

The child must listen to the Quran that is taught or listen to Al-Soor from the online because that strengthens him the queen of motivation and hears the Quran from readers who can read.  

Fourth method

Attention must be paid to teaching the child from a young age the rules of recitation in order for the child to master memorizing the Holy Quran.  

Fifth method

Placing the child in a memorization role.  

Sixth method

A good example, one of the things that help the child to memorize is to protect the prey from sins so that Allah preserves the children and a good Islamic education, so the child must see you as you read and memorize the Holy Quran so that he can be a good example, and the Quran must be recited in front of the child to get used to holding the Quran.   See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog

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