Online Quran classes for kids

  Online Quran classes for kids, the method of mastering spelling is considered the best way of memorizing the Quran, then starting short the Surahs and operating the sense of sight and hearing with the tongue in the memorization process, in addition to listening to the verses on a daily basis and chanting with a good voice.   Frequent listening to a Quran tape with the voice of good reciters helps to memorize easily, and all of the above helps the child to memorize the Quran without effort and difficulty that, and the focus should be on the continuous review of the child and encouraging him to memorize financially and morally.    

Online Quran classes for kids

There are a number of methods that help children to memorize the Quran, including the following:   Assigning the task of memorizing children to a masterful Sheikh. Providing a well-printed Quran, and not changing it during the preservation period. Continuous follow-up of what the child has memorized, and keenness to communicate with the Sheikh, and inquire about the child’s situation while memorizing the Quran.   Bring gifts for children whenever they memorize the surah or any part of the Quran.   Listening to the child and encouraging him to memorize. Notifying the child that the Noble Quran is a method, a blessing, and virtue, and memorizing it leads to reaching all goodness and righteousness.   Determine a specific period of time for the child to memorize the Holy Quran. Teaching children to supplicate in contemplation of each prayer, and to ask God for help in memorization and success.   Hearing the best voices among children in reciting the Holy Quran, showing admiration for the memorization, and wishing that the child is like them. Accompanying the child to visit the custodians of the Holy Quran, and showing that they are the best in the nation.  

One of the rules for memorizing the Holy Quran for children

There are many rules that help in learning and memorizing the Quran, including the following:   Devising an appropriate plan for memorizing the Quran, and determining the sufficient time for that,   For example, it takes five years to memorize the Quran, six parts per year, one-quarter of a part per week, and so on.   Collective participation in memorizing the Quran, This is to overcome laziness and apathy.   Keep a small Quran in the pocket, to make use of memorizing at leisure.   Ensure that you follow the imam in the loud prayers.   Start memorizing the easiest surahs and the surahs of special merits, such as Surat Al-Kahf, Surat Al-Mulk, and others.   Maintaining possession of a single drawing of the Qur’an, such as the Qur’an of Medina.   Not to pass the course of memorization without mastering it.   Linking the beginning of the surah to the end of it, reviewing the surah over and over, not revising it in an intermittent manner.  

Quran classes for kids

One of the best methods that can be followed in memorizing the Noble Quran for children in the first stage of his life is for the closest people to them to assume this sublime task, namely the parents, As for how, if the child is still young and cannot speak the correct way, then it is necessary to focus on pronouncing the letters.   It is also necessary to start with short surahs without being restricted to specific times, and these times must be within the stages of the child’s activity, as the parents repeat the holy verses on the child over and over again, and if it is difficult for him to repeat the verse, the parents will divide it into sentences or words that are easy to pronounce with the child So that he can comprehend and memorize them, but if the child is able to speak correctly and concentrate, then the parents can follow with him the following methods to memorize the Quran:  


It is for parents to start memorizing their child the short surahs of the Quran, starting with Surah Al-Ikhlas, then Al-Falaq and Al-Nas, and then what follows.  

Reducing the number:

That is, the parents should focus on reducing the verses that the child memorizes each time, and this must be maintained even if the parents feel that the child can memorize more than that, then they must leave time to review the memorization. For example, he memorizes three days of the week and revises memorization in the remaining days. Nevertheless, if the time is sufficient for daily memorization, then there is nothing wrong, on the condition that the number of memorization verses does not increase, taking into account the close review.  


Among the methods that make the Quran firm in the child’s memory: That the parents make a simple interpretation of the verses that he memorizes, and it is also possible to rely on the reason for revelation, or some incidents related to the verses he memorizes, and the constant discussion about the memorized verses.  


Parents can rely on the memorization of the Quran for their children to give rewards, and to constantly encourage memorization. So it is good for the child to offer a reward for each surah that the child has completed memorizing.  

Diversification of style:

Parents can vary methods of memorization. As if we teach it once, and again by listening, with the use of exciting methods for the child, such as introducing the verses with a story that occurred in its aftermath, then beginning to memorize him, which contributes to the great focus on memorization, with the diversification of the place of memorization so that memorization is a distinct daily or weekly period that the child waits with impatience.  

Celebration of conservation achievement:

Children love celebrations. Therefore, it is good for the parents to arrange a celebration every time the child completes memorizing the prescribed in the program, and intensify warm congratulations to the child and present gifts, which makes the child feel that his achievement was great, Which encourages him to continue and persevere.  


It is nice for the parents to ask the child to draw an expression of the Quran story that has been influenced by him. Which makes it more and more firmly in his mind. See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog

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