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  Islamic studies online, the Islamic Studies program covers a wide range of core topics for every Muslim including but not limited to belief, jurisprudence, Tajweed science, hadith sciences, interpretation, and Islamic history.   Islamic studies online Each topic is divided into several levels of Islamic chapters on rattilonline as they move from basic knowledge to advanced knowledge.  

The Islamic Studies program on our website is as follows:

  1- The Holy Quran, the Quran program is divided as follows:
  • Recitation
  • preservation
  • interpretation
  • intonation
  2- Belief and faith.   3- Islamic jurisprudence: it is divided into: The basics. Advanced topics.   4- Islamic history.   5- The Noble Prophetic Hadith: It is divided into three sections as follows:
  • Forty nuclear.
  • Correct Hadith Series.
  • Righteous Riad.

Why do we learn Islamic studies through the Internet?

Because there are no restrictions or any difficulty for those who wish to learn Islamic studies online. All Muslim children need to learn the basic basics of their religion – including how to follow the Prophet, may Allah prayers and peace be upon HIM, learn about his biography and actions, know what language Allah used to send revelation, and how to avoid mistakes to lead a true Islamic life.   Muslims may find themselves wanting to understand the Arabic language better, be it for basic linguistic skills or for understanding matters of the Islamic religion and belief.   On rattilonline , we make it easy and easy for all family members to come together to study the Quran and gain more understanding of their faith.   Often times, the only place to study Islam or Arabic is at a university or school, where the costs and obligations are very high and for an average family. It is difficult for them on our site. Education is very easy and comfortable with prominent teachers who have extensive experience.   There is no other online program for Islamic studies that provides its professors as do our professors from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, which is considered one of the most prestigious Islamic universities in the world.   Global education is rapidly shifting to online learning. Studies show that the average time spent using communication and learning on screen is growing very dramatically around the world. Our site system helps to connect students who are used to learning on a daily or partial basis and through online classes.   Through our online curricula, and we are always in contact with all our students and parents on a daily basis, now you can save time and money when comparing tuition fees from religious schools compared to affordable online rates.   Finally, you can be sure that you will be on the right track to success with rattilonline, as your online Islamic lessons begin with an assessment of your skills and end with an assessment of your proficiency and advanced ability.  

The Islamic Studies sections on our website are for several as follows:

  1- The Holy Quran The curriculum is divided into sub-points that include memorization, recitation, intonation, and interpretation. The recitation curriculum is divided into eight levels with the aim of mastering their letters and phonemes, understanding the characteristics of each letter and their points of expression, and enabling students to read the Quran without errors.   The intonation approach also reinforces it precisely in the articulation of each letter to perfect the amount of breath that is released in each word. Recitation and Tajweed programs are divided as follows   2- Hadith The Noble Hadith represents an evaluation of humankind derived from the divine guidance that Allah granted to HIS Prophet, as it was similar in nature to the Holy Quran itself.   And since the Prophet, may Allah prayers and peace be upon HIM, was inferred by revelation in his personal life, his personality and social interactions have become major examples of the ethical behavior of Muslims to this day and through studying the hadiths of the Prophet we can understand how the Quran is applied in our daily life. On our site, the Hadith approach examines the main sources of authentic hadiths   3- Creed A comprehensive approach that aims to consolidate faith, such as belief in Allah (monotheism), belief in angels, belief in the Quran and the prophets, belief in the Last Day, and faith in the destiny as good and bad, good and bitter.   rattilonline provides a course that focuses on the basics of belief, belief in Allah and the Last Day, as well as advanced study   4- Jurisprudence The curriculum is designed to develop a deep understanding of various issues of Islamic law. Explains issues related to actions, what is required (duty), (forbidden), (delegate), (disliked), and (permissible).   The method of filing it is divided into fundamentals and advanced topics that cover the views of the four prominent schools of thought (Maliki, Shafi, Hanafi, and Hanbali).   5- Islamic history The Islamic history curriculum includes the entire history of Islam from the beginning of creation to modern history. The curriculum is positioned to strengthen the Islamic and Arab identity and pride in Islamic history, and it recognizes the achievements of Muslims throughout the ages. See More : Our courses  Our Artical : Blog  

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